April 2017 Poll: Control My Destiny – Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Go Next?

“We’re the builders of their destiny” – Noel Gallagher.

Since this website’s inception in December 2016, I decided that each month for the first year, I will allow my readers to control my destiny. If you have seen my page on parts of Poland visited, you will know it is very bare – my dream is to visit every Province in Poland as well as two Polish Micronations (in progress) Warsaw (done), Antarctic Poland (done)and Bournemouthian Poland (done) by the end of 2017. Your votes count and this is the third vote of its kind. You decide what part of Poland I end up in next until I crack every Province and write about it with insatiable Ulsterised passionification as a self glorified whackpacking football fan.

“I feel so extraordinary, something’s got a hold on me.
I get this feeling I’m in motion, a sudden sense of liberty” – New Order.

Backpacking in Lodz - touring the brewery bar at Księży Młyn!

Backpacking in Lodz – touring the brewery bar at Księży Młyn!

January it was Biskupiec, inspired by a friend, then Poznan for my Polish radio interview debut.
February I stayed put in Warsaw, went speed dating and toured some PRL pubs.
March was a case of heading to quirky Łódź so I could sleep on the longest street in Europe at the Music Hostel and also try the best cocktails in the world at Brush Barber Shop. I also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Warsaw with my Polish and Irish friends, you might have seen that on Facebook! Later in March I have a wedding in Bournemouth and a return to Krakow to come.
April you voted to send me to the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, so I am currently planning my trip there. Then I guess I will have 6 more Provinces to check out and 8 months left to crack them.

So therefore, this April vote will dictate where I end up in either late April or early May. I’m a well organised man even through times of depression and stress. I am confident and composed – I will do it.

April 2017 Poll: Control My Destiny – Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Go Next?

So here is the vote,this time I have opted for some very small and unusual towns in those provinces, again in keeping with my usual travel tours to less ventured towns like Starogard Gdanski, Pelplin and endearing “Champagne Supernova Biskupiec”.

So it is either:
1.Wojkowice, Sląskie Province (small town of 9,000 people – nice church, not much “to see” apparently 😉 )
2.Kielce, Świętokrzyskie Province (huge city of 199,000 people but not so well covered in travel blogs)
3.Dęblin, Lubelskie (small town of 19,000 people but famous for military headquarters)

I hope the link works, if not you can also click here to vote,


Vote where I go next.

Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Visit in May 2017?

Wojkowice, Sląskie Province
Kielce, Świętokrzyskie Province
Dęblin, Lubelskie

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PS – I won’t expect travel tips from fake friends like Ola Mueller though!:

“Here are my only two tips Jonny (6 weeks late!) – Ola Mueller.

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