Hotel Review: Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz

Hotel Review: Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz

Hotel Review: Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz

In October 2016, I made my first visit to Bydgoszcz and I loved my time here in a city often dubbed “The Venice of Poland”, sitting in Poland’s Kuyavian Pomorskie province. Anyone that visits Poland, I defy you not to love this place. I’ve been to lots of parts of Poland now and after a bad spell, I settled on visiting the city of Bydgoszcz. The idea of Autumnal air and the Polish canal city really appealed to my Northern Irish soul.

Hotel Review: Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz

Hotel Review: Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz

Venice has been named the “Bydgoszcz of Italy” after this place, so I got booked into the Hotel Zawisza and was ready to explore this little gem. Poland’s 8th biggest city. Here are my top five reasons to stay here, in the nice suburb of Lesna.

1.Pristine Rooms
When I tell people about Poland and how clean, tidy and cosy it is, others from the international world outside are surprised. Please stop being surprised. Poland is Europe’s superpower and it will shine long before and after Germany, France or England ever will.

In the hotel stakes, this is officially a 2 star. I have stayed in 4 stars in Germany and England that were in much worse condition.

I was in room 107. It was pristine. It was immaculate. I wasn’t surprised. I haven’t been feeling 100% recently but here, I had a great room to help me. To help me raise a smile.

2.Breakfast Included
The breakfast is always included here at Hotel Zawisza and is healthy and consistent. The coffee is also from a machine. Expect good cheese, Polish sausages, eggs, juice, yoghurts and a range of cereals. As ever, it’s an all you can eat, so I went up a few times.

3.Football and Sports Nearby
Well I had a window view to the excellent football stadium and the Hotel Zawisza is in a sporting area. This means not just athletics tracks and football pitches, but a gym, spa and as well as this – you can get massages and have a sauna.

4.Working Wi-Fi
These days, almost every good hotel and hostel in Poland has fast working Wi-Fi. I remembered back to my first two visits to Poland, when I wasn’t even blogging. These days I take it for granted of course. Thankfully I had a nice desk and good Wi-Fi here at Hotel Zawisza.

5.Out of City Location
I enjoyed being away from the big city buzz. It was nice and quiet in the Lesna area of Bydgoszcz – I arrived at the local train station here too. If you do want to stay in the city centre – go for the Hotel Przystan but for me, at this time of my life – the Hotel Zawisza was perfect. I enjoyed my time here.

Here are the details of the Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz:

  • Room for 176 guests
  • 75 air – conditioned rooms, all with mini bar and LCD TV
  • 9 rooms for the disabled (20 people)
  • delicious breakfast with wide range of meals
  • lobby bar
  • air conditioned conference hall
  • VIP Room
  • free, spacious car park

Phone: 52/ 588-09-00
Fax: 261 412302
Hotel Zawisza
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Here are some videos from my time at Hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz:

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