Hotel Review: Staying at Noclegi Rekord Hotel by Stadion Miejski in Starogard Gdański

Hotel Review: Staying at Noclegi Rekord Hotel by Stadion Miejski in Starogard Gdański

Hotel Review: Staying at Noclegi Rekord Hotel by Stadion Miejski in Starogard Gdański

“Thanks for so many positive words about my town” – Ola Mueller.

When you travel to the more obscure places, finding budget accommodation can be a problem sometimes and part of my backpacker’s dream is to end up every so often in cities or towns that don’t have a hostel. Starogard Gdański is one such town. This Polish town was next up on my zany journey and without a hostel, I ended up staying in a football themed hotel with a window view of the football pitch! Amazing right??!!

My room overlooks a football pitch!!

Yes, the Noclegi Rekord (cracking name that, right?) was my base here in little known Starogard Gdański. Oh this journey has some moments of sheer elation, surprise and fuelled emotion! At the moment, I feel like a man on a mission to find my own faults and weaknesses. I have made mistakes, I was writing too much, doing too much, not sleeping enough. I wasn’t chilling out. Poland this time has been a self discovery for me.

I checked into this place and got to tour the sights of Starogard Gdański and meet the locals in the city and in the village of Rywald. I’m not dreaming this sort of s*it up, I’m out doing it for real and this is what I buzz off. Get yourself to this place, Starogard Gdański and stay at Noclegi Rekord for these five reasons.

1.A Bedroom Overlooking a Football Stadium!
I’m not excrementing this! This was beautiful. Mr. Blair was put in Room 102, with…a window view to the town’s football stadium, named after Kazimierz Deyna! The famous Polish international hails from Starogard Gdański. There were no home matches when I was here, but if there were I could have watched from my bedroom window! This was only the second time I was this close to a stadium. The previous one was when I stayed in Birmingham at the Royal George.

2.Peace and Silence
As a travel writer constantly trying to finish my main book, I got some peace and tranquility here. It’s not a touristic town, nor a busy hotel. I closed the door on my room and got writing. Inspiration falls from an empty sky. Thank you, Starogard Gdański!

3. Breakfast Included
Included in the room price is breakfast. Lots of ham and cheese choices. Tea or coffee, bread and pasta and fruit and vegetables. Only complaint – no orange or apple juice was offered, sort that out please!

4.Football Museum
I don’t recall ever staying in a hotel that basically has a football museum on the way in! The walls are full of Polish football information and memorabilia. A treat for not just a long term backpacker, but a hardcore football fan.

5.Cosy Rooms
This was my first solo room in Poland on this trip. I had been used to staying in dorm rooms and sharing so it was nice to have some quiet time on my own and good nights sleep here! Hot water and WiFi also helped.

I have also written about the top sights in the city, my night out at the trendy Browar Kociewski, my favourite cafes in Starogard Gdanski and my favourite bars in Starogard Gdański. I loved my time in Starogard Gdański, it was on with the show.

“Perhaps you will make my untouristic town famous” – Ola Mueller (damn right baby!)

Here are the details for booking the Noclegi Rekord, the best budget option in Starogard Gdański:

Noclegi Rekord
Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji
83-200 Starogard Gdański, ul. Olimpijczyków Starogardzkich 1
Hotel Rekord tel./fax 58 5624005
Miejska Hala Sportowa im. A. Grubby tel. 58 5600854
Dział obiektów tel. 58 5624004
Księgowość tel. 58 5600853
Kontakt z organizacjami pozarządowymi: Paulina Burczyk tel./fax 58 5622120


Here is a live video from my room at Noclegi Rekord:

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