Jonny tells it how it is - he's a top drawer travel writer who converts what he sees with his eyes and feels with his heart into what he writes with his pen. Expect ice cool regular features from Jonny's barmy life in Poland as a passionate Ulsterman. This is Jonny's second favourite country in Europe (after Northern Ireland). Jonny has travelled to 181 countries in the last 20 years but since 2016, POLSKA is his home.


Check out Jonny’s Magical Towns, Cities and Villages. Jonny goes away from the obvious haunts to bring you some tales of sublime towns and villages you may not have heard of. Inspired by his travel friends down the years, Jonny ended up in Biskupiec, Kokoszkowy Zlotoklos and Starogard Gdański long before his backpack toured Lublin or Wrocław. #magicznemiasta



In the “Nigdy Więcej Wojny/ No More War” Series, Jonny delves deep and peacefully into Poland’s horrific past, bringing a sense of new found freedom amongst a destructive history. You can read here about the horrible German Death Camps in Poland and the Communist eras. #germandeathcamps #nigdywięcejwojny

Go to Smaczne Środy- TASTY WEDNESDAYS


Jonny’s Wednesday Series called “Smaczne Środy” features Jonny’s food experiences within Poland. While Pierogi, Zurek and Bigos do feature (and he loves the Polish cuisine), you may also see Jonny munching a Vegan Burger, a Turkish kebab or even an Ulster Fry in his latest country of residence. “Down your neck”, “Smacznego!” #SmaczneŚrody #smacznego



Jonny tours Poland’s finest independently run cafes, bars, pubs, brewhouses and clubs to bring you an alternative collection of “wacaday” (lunatical) places to hang out when your backpack hits Poland. Think locally run real ale houses, dive bars, quirky cafes and PRL-based pubs and less of your capitalist trash. Good night Ratsbux, Dzien dobry Kraftodajnia! #piątkowepicie

Go to Dziwaczne Odkrycia – Quirky Encounters

Dziwaczne Odkrycia – Quirky Encounters

In Dziwaczne Odkrycia – Quirky Encounters, Jonny delves into the absurd, obscure and wacaday things to do in Poland. You’ll end up reading about things like indoor sky diving, nude beaches, countries that you’ve never heard of (which border Poland) and anything extraordinary that catches Jonny’s eye. #dziwaczneodkrycia #quirkyencounters



Regularly, Jonny gives you a “Poland Poll” where YOU can vote to control Jonny’s Destiny. For 2017 Jonny set a target to visit every Polish province, in 2018, it was UNESCO sites…tune into the Sidebar to register your vote! #polandpoll #controljonny

Go to Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce – Football Stories

Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce – Football Stories

Jonny’s first trip to Poland was inspired by football. A keen supporter of Northern Ireland, Glentoran and AFC Bournemouth, Jonny chose Klub Piłkarski Starogard and Legia Warszawa as two Polish teams he follows, inspired by the legend that is Kazik Deyna. Jonny is a groundhopper and writes about his football trips inside Poland! #football #pilkanozna #ŚmieszneHistorieoPiłceNożnejwPolsce

Go to Pracujące Poniedziałki – Working Mondays

Pracujące Poniedziałki – Working Mondays

As well as writing about Poland for himself, Jonny works tirelessly promoting Poland, working for various companies and also learns Polish while teaching English. Expect to read about hotels, tour companies, English teaching, volunteering and travel writing. #PracującePoniedziałki

Cover Photo: Jonny Blair became the first backpacking tourist to write about Starogard Gdański, when he toured in July 2016.

Who is Northern Irishman in Poland?

Learn more about your passionate author, Jonny Blair
Jonny's journey to Poland

Having worked with Polish friends in 2004 - 2005 in Bournemouth, England, Jonny finally arrived in Poland in 2005, aged 24. Since then he has returned many times, displaying a passionate and unblemished love for the country. This is evident in his writing detailing his crazy journeys through beautiful Poland. Come and meet this dude for a Ciemne Piwo or a Dobra Kawa. #northernirishmaninpoland #jonnyblair #dontstopliving

  • Jonny is a hardcore backpacker and tourist. His tips are passionate and real.

  • Jonny loves a Ciemne Piwo or a Kawa z Mlekiem

  • Jonny does some crazy things on his journeys. Read his antics here!

  • Read about Jonny's career working in Poland and beyond

Jonny's Stories

Jonny Blair loves Poland. Here are some of his favourite cities, towns, villages and locations in Poland.


Read Jonny’s stories from spending 6 months in the port city of Gdańsk.
The Pomeranian capital, once the “Free city of Danzig”, the city where the Germans invaded, the place where Lech Wałęsa’s Solidarnosc all began. Jonny lived in the Stare Miasto and in Brzezno and loves Gdańsk. #visitgdańsk


Read about Jonny’s love for Poland’s capital city, Warszawa.
Starting with his first trip here back in 2005 as a Northern Ireland football fan. Jonny later returned to visit his friends Rafał, Artur and Piotr, penning a poem on the city. By 2017 Jonny had relocated to Warsaw. #visitwarsaw


Jonny loves the Stare Miasto in a city he nicknames “Pozzie”: Poznań.
Having first visited Pozzie in 2015 inspired by an infamous travel friend, Jonny later came back to do his first live Polish radio interview, partake in a football tournament and review the bars of the city. #pozzie #Poznań

Starogard Gdański

Jonny’s love for the unknown and lesser conquered, led him to the charming Kociewien town of Starogard Gdański.
It was here in Starogard Gdański. that Jonny was featured in the local newspaper, loved being the only tourist and was inspired to live in Poland from hereon, influenced by locals. #ilovestg #starogardgdanski


Jonny backpacked through delightful Bydgoszcz.
Jonny uncovered the secret charms of a city dubbed “the Venice of Poland”, while Jonny argues this spot is nicer. On his adventure here, Jonny also chilled out recovering from depression. #bydgoszcz

German Death Camps

Jonny has also toured the German Death Camps in Poland, including Auschwitz, Birkenau and Stutthof.
Jonny has also toured Majdanek, Auschwitz, Birkenau and Stutthof. It is important and essential to understand Polish history and the destructive regime implemented upon Poles by the Germans. #germandeathcamps


Jonny backpacked in Szczecin, again seeking answers for his travelling heart.
Jonny backpacked in Szczecin, again seeking answers for his travelling heart. This city sits right by the German border and gives you a gateway to “the west” but within this misty town lies some intriguing tales. #szczecin

Countryside Towns

Pelplin, Tczew, Kokoszkowy, Rywald, Kuklowka, Zlokotlos, Biskupiec – Jonny’s quest for the obscure took him to remote, peaceful, tranquil and wonderful towns and villages in Polish countryside.
Jonny was so amazed by the excellent hospitality in remote towns and villages like Kokoszkowy and Biskupiec, the tranquility and beauty of rural Poland. #kochampolskę #biskupiec #kokoszkowy #pelplin #kuklowka


Jonny ended up in the town of Gliwice on a football trip to watch Northern Ireland.
Jonny ended up in the town of Gliwice on a football trip to watch Northern Ireland play an under 19 international. It was here he uncovered yet more gems and enjoyed the city’s bars. #gliwice #tourist


Gdynia completely charmed this once nomadic Ulsterman
When Jonny Blair backpacked Gdynia in July 2016 to embark on a Food Tour he had no idea he would end up living in Poland and falling in love with this city. #gdynia #tourist #trojmiasto


Learn where the Second World War REALLY began: Tczew.
Inspired by a travel friend who alerted Jonny that the Second World War began in Tczew, he had to backpack it and check out the infamous bridge. The Germans were once here but no longer. Jonny also appeared in the Tczew newspaper. #tczew #worldwartwo

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Managing an online business in Poland

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Jonny Blair is a popular Northern Irish travel writer who has appeared in the Sun, BBC, Ulster Television and the Belfast Telegraph in his homeland, Northern Ireland. Jonny has now appeared in Polish media too.

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