February 21, 2017

My Travel Friends: Moi przyjaciele w podróży

As well as running this travel blog, I have been a full time tourist and travel writer for the last 15 years and along the way, I made a lot of friends. I only like real people with real honest blogs. As such, these are my travel friends from this journey, inside or outside Poland. If you are  a friend of mine, or simply want to meet up and not tell lies, then get in touch and we can connect. This blog will contain genuine and real Polish or Northern Irish related blogs, not just in travel, but in football, health, fitness, fashion, culture, history and anything that I fancy. Promote yourself, contact me! jonny (at) dontstopliving (dot) net.

Taiwanese Sex bomb and friend Mika, and I touring Gdansk…

160 Stopni / 160 Degrees – A cool Polish food blog with lots of delicious recipes and tips, complete with photos.

Chido Fajny – Mexican blogger and writer David writes with heart and passion about all things Poland, football and Mexico!

Criminal Mind – Sonia’s Crime Blog – Quirky, Poland based simple things lover Sonia Stępień shares crime related stories, having grown up in Poland and also spent some time in Ireland.

Finding Poland – Steven relocated to Poland and like myself, he shares a love for Gdansk.

Globtroterka – One of the best solo female travel blogs on the internet from a Polish Dziewczyna!

Ikimasho – Justin Egli is a pure hearted melter from Bangor in Northern Ireland. But his skateboard and whackpack belong on the streets of Tokyo where Justin writes about Halloween death bands, sex kitchens and anything that goes against the flow of what buck eejits class as a “normal lifestyle”. The lad often shouts “Ikimasho!” at passers by.

I Love Pierogies – “I love pierogies” is a superbly passionate blog by a Polish lady called Anna, based in Chicago, United States. Not only do I love pierogi myself, but it’s great to see the passion exists abroad too.

Indian Girl in Poland

Joao Leitao – These days I estimate I have been travelling full time for 10 years of my 37, having spent 14 years away from my native land (Northern Ireland) so it’s hard and arrogant of me to get impressed by other blogs. But out of all the travel blogs I have encountered, Joao’s is the most robust and the best. Please visit his site!

Josh Gajewski – Website of traveller, writer, novelist and journalist Josh Gajewski. Josh is also based in Poland and we often meet for drinks.

Karolina – Sadly my Pomeranian based friend Karolina asked me to delete her blog and Instagrams from my site, but she is worth following. She helped me plan my tours to Holy Pelplin and the Zaspa Murals.

Kielbasa Stories – Chris shares 9 years worth of sausage stories.

Kyle in Kraków –

Laura McCoy – Northern Irish lady with a passion for travel, volunteering and who has spent time living in Chisinau, Moldova.

Life in a Rucksack – Top notch Northern Irish girl Abbi Morrison writes with passion and soul on her long running website, Life in a Rucksack.

Lilla Green – Excellent global travel blog from world travellers Tsvete & Peter.

Lukasz L – Lukasz has travelled far and wide for years, being based in Dubai, coming from Poland and touring places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mateusz Kulewicz – My friend Mateusz, who is also a vice king of Scholandia Province in the country of Krolestwo Dreamlandu has this excellent blog.

Mika On The Road – My Taiwanese friend Mika toured Gdansk with me in 2016. We cycled and roomed together and she now writes, cycles and bathes passionately from a soul so delicious, you’d lick her hair for breakfast in the blink of an eye.

Natalie Denton – My friend Natalie who I worked with at Bournemouth University, iCreate and Apple has a great writing service with some cool clients.

Notes from Poland –

Odd Urban Things – Federico is a cool Italian guy living and loving Warsaw, blogging with passion.

Parabole – Malgorzata, a PR lady writes with passion and optimism in Polish.

Polish Lady in Ireland – Check out the opposite from me. A cool Polish lady, Sylwia, White Freya, who blogs and Instagrams from Ireland.

Polish Housewife – Lois welcomes you to Polish Housewife! Here you’ll find all of her culinary and cultural adventures in Poland and in the USA.

Poland Travel Guide – An excellent Polish travel guide by David, which goes into great detail of all parts of Poland.

R n R Travel – My travel friend Raymond and his partner Ryan run this excellent rest and relaxation blog.

Salix w Podrozy – An excellent blog in Polish, with some great photos from off the wall locations, Niezbyt gadatliwy blog podróżniczy z dużą ilością zdjęć says Zakaz Prowokacji, which means “Not very talkative travel blog with lots of photos” but it’s great!

Stuck Travels – Stu Clark’s site about being stuck and ready to travel and explore on an adventure.

Tall Tales – Tall Tales

Tczew Foto Blog – An excellent photo blog by on the historic town of Tczew, Poland.

Travelling Claus – Superb real life travel blog by my friend Claus, a man who works hard, relaxes with a beer, gets passionate about cycling, has travelled extensively all over the world and always has time for a beer and a football match. Top lad!

Travelling Claus and I having a beer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Twisted LadyBug – Romanian expat blogger living in Krakow, Poland, since 2011. Sharing life experiences about life in Poland and travels.

We are Charmed by the Simple – Excellent Polish artistic sharing page from my friend Marta based in Poland.

Polish Football Blogs

As a keen football fan and groundhopper, I run a series called Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce where I talk about my football experiences in Poland and about Poland. My first ever Northern Ireland victory was against Poland (in February 1991) and my first ever Northern Ireland away match was to Poland (in March 2005). Here are some excellent football blogs about Poland:

Polish Health and Wellness Blogs

Agata Berry – Popular Polish healthy blogger Agata has a great site all about eating well, keeping your body in good shape.

Na Tropie Smakow – A great healthy and tasty eating blog.

Wiem co Jem – Magdalena’s blog is all about healthy eating and living well, translating as “I know what to eat”.

Zdrowa Cukiernia – The Healthy Kitchen site is worth checking out for tasty recipes and making your body feel strong.

Zdrowokracja – Klaudia’s popular health blog.

Polish Travel Blogs and Pages


Karolina and Patryk

My Travel Affairs – Polish traveller Marysia write with passion on her world voyages.

Other Travel Sites I Recommend


Some Popular Quirky Polish Instagrammers I Follow

Anna Maria Pioro
Artur Boruc
JK Cat (Julia)
Kasia Olas
Krln90 (Karolina)
Malgorzata Bijak
Marta Badurska
Ola Kwasniewska
Patryk Gabriel
She’s Not Afraid
Silver Bruxa
White Freya

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Bangor Grammar School
Bangor Times
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