January 6, 2017

Work With Jonny Blair, Northern Irishman in Poland

Dzień dobry! Hello!

My name is Jonny Blair. I come from Northern Ireland and I now live in Poland. Welcome to my media page and website. I am a professional travel writer working in Poland looking to help promote your country and businesses as much as I can. Come and work with one of the coolest and most experienced bloggers and travel writers in Poland!

Jonny Blair, Travel Writer

I write daily about Poland with passion from my Northern Irish heart, based on my life and journeys around Poland. As a Public Relations graduate and possessing an NVQ in Journalism, I have lots of experience working with companies within Poland, and abroad. I have 29 years of writing experience, 13 years on online blogging and have travelled to 165 countries working for myself and others on a zany journey that took me to Poland to live. Let’s work together and help promote pretty Poland. Below are some of the companies I have worked with in Poland to date, I have also featured on various media outlets all over the world, such as BBC, Irish Times, Belfast Telegraph, Boots n All, Hong Kong Government Website, as you can read on my Media and PR Page. I am also listed seventh in the top 20 Poland blogs and in the top 30 European travel blogs. I have won over 20 awards for my blogging down the years. Finally, I am a published author.

Work With Jonny Blair, Northern Irishman in Poland

Work With Jonny Blair, Northern Irishman in Poland

In Poland, I have worked with:

Full List of Polish Hotels and Hostels I Have Worked With:

I have featured in the following Polish Media:

My Entire Lengthy Media List

I Have Taught Business English To These Companies in Poland:

A Full Alphabetical List of Polish Companies I have Worked With:
11-Bit Studios
Animus Saltandi Gdansk
Baja Bikes
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Contract Advisory Services (CAS)
Creative Language Academy (CLA)
Culture Trip
Deem Fly Wear
Eat Polska
Fall In Love With Warsaw
Flying Wild Hog
Ibis Hotels
Kocham Polske/Love Poland
Klub Dialogu Polish Language School, Warsaw
Learn Polish in Gdansk
Miasto Starogard
Most Wanted
Murals Gdansk Zaspa
Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe (NAC)
PKN Orlen
Poland By Locals
Polish Society Belfast
Pub Crawl Gdansk
Software Development Academy (SDA)
Target and Shane Language Training School
Vestor Dom Maklerski
Visit Warsaw
Warsaw Mathematics Institute

Regrettably, I had to DELETE the next person I worked with at their request, but Maggi Wabudka (fake name used) helped A LOT with my Tczew, Pelplin and Zaspa stories. Thanks so much, Person who Asked to be REMOVED!
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