6 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

Before I relocated to Poland by fluke in 2016, I was on a long term backpacking trip around the world, which I had documented on another travel blog called “Don’t Stop Living“. On my travels, I was able to earn money to keep myself going along the way. Here are 6 of the ways I earned money on my travels and hopefully they might inspire you to also travel and work around the world.

6 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

6 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

1.Teaching English
One of the most common and most obvious ways to earn money on your travels is by teaching – and mostly around the world it is for teaching English. I did my qualification while based in Hong Kong in 2011 and have since been a qualified teacher. You can teach in so many different countries, you can do it freelance, you can teach kids, teenagers, adults. The list is endless – this is a great job and skill to have and you also get to meet new people.

Teaching English in Hong Kong, several lifetimes ago…

Pracujące Poniedziałki: The Craziest 10 Jobs I Had In My Life – Teaching English in Hong Kong

2.Online Betting and Gambling
Of course there are huge risks associated with online gambling and betting but it’s ridiculous the amount of people I met who actually use this as their source of income. As they travel the world, they either run or own gambling sites, they get groups together to win on online casinos or they just have the whole thing sussed. Start with no deposit bonuses and see how much you can earn. You can always quit when you feel it’s not working. You can also try football betting of course!

Football betting

Down the years I have done a fair bit of farming work. This can be done easily in places like Australia and New Zealand when you are there on a Working Holiday Visa. I ended up working on broccoli fields, in echinacea refining, planting pyrethrum and weeding. It was a crazy time of my life, but a great job to have on the road and of course a cool way to earn money.

Broccoli farming in Tasmania

Broccoli farming in Tasmania

Broccoli farming in Tasmania

Broccoli farming in Tasmania

I have worked as a copywriter for many different companies. What it entails is writing text for companies, and these days most of this work is online for websites. It could be hotel sites, travel sites, fitness blogs. Basically once you become a good writer, you can just get onto an online site such as Upthink or eLance and pick up a copywriting job.

Working as a copywriter and editor

5.Travel Writing
As a long term travel writer, this has been an incredible source of income for me. Through my one man travel blog, Don’t Stop Living, I was able to build a career as a professional travel blogger. I continue to work on travel writing, both paid and unpaid as it is a passion and I love it.

Travel writing

6.Bar Work
I have worked in loads of bars on my travels, including in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia. I also used to man the bar on the boats between England and France, plus some islands such as Guernsey, Isle of Wight and Jersey. Serving drinks and food to customers is also a fun job and a great skill to possess.

Serving Guinness in Hong Kong at Delaney’s Irish Pub

So what are you waiting for – get out there and see the world and enjoy one of these 6 jobs!

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