How To Stay Safe in Poland During Niche Dating Endeavours

First of all, is dating in Poland any different from other countries? While frankly speaking, yes it is. To begin with, Polish people get married younger than any other nationality in the European Union, one of the facts I shared a while back. Secondly, it is a staunchly Catholic country which means strict weddings and should mean less divorces and less sex before marriage. There is also no gay marriage here, nor many Islamic or Jewish weddings. Of course, these things don’t always ring true and there may be exceptions, but in general the country is unique in these ways.

How To Stay Safe in Poland During Niche Dating Endeavours

Having said all that, I have plenty of friends who are unmarried and have sex, and condoms are widely available in almost every corner shop! This article is more about the world of BDSM. This translates as a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying during foreplay or sex, involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and various other related interpersonal dynamics. Here are some ways to stay safe in Poland during such niche dating endeavours.

1.Be Careful Who You Meet
I may have shared my well documented tale on here before on the nasty people I met, and yes, one of them sexually abused me, so I have enough experience to know that this really happens. In order to be careful – please try to trust the people you meet by finding out as much information as you can about them.

I am a very public blogger and I hide nothing, I am honest and open and I have full on social media profiles. For this reason, I prefer public girls who are the same. No profile picture on Facebook, fake date of birth etc. all suspicious as if the person is trying to hide something. My advice is to find out more than their phone numbers and email addresses – where they live, their real names and date of birth etc. This way, you have something to fall back on if anything bad happens. You can build up bdsm contacts very easily – but how many do you trust? Ask yourself this.

Public blogger Jonny Blair Ulsterczyk

2.Use Protection
We all might have some sexual desires and fettishes but through it all, we must stay healthy. It’s ultra-important. And with condoms widely available, there is no excuse not to stay safe during sex. Yes you might have your sexual fantasy as dressing up as a nurse, or a cucumber or a stripper, but have the condoms ready and stay safe!

3.Look After Each Other
The third and final tip might seem obvious, but so many people neglect this and it can lead to physical or emotional pain, or even violence that ends up in a court case. My BDSM Hookups is a good example of a site to meet such people to indulge in activities with, but once you meet and you know what you are doing, please look after each other. This means staying clean, and not going too hard with each other, especially in masochistic or sadistic pleasures. Remember our sexual organs are also precious. Nobody wants a sore willy or a painful vagina after a good night of sexual intercourse, so enjoy yourself but take good care. Here’s to safe and pleasurable sex. Cheers, na zdrowie!

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