Piątkowe Picie: My Favourite Bars in Poznań

Poznań is Poland’s fourth biggest city and still a city I love to go back to, time and time again. With plenty of flights arriving at Poznań’s airport (when there is no Coronavirus of course), and an easy train ride across the border into Germany, it’s a superb city to stop off in for a few days of exploring. My first trip here was in 2015 and I couldn’t wait to hit the bars of Poland again. It was probably on this trip that my seeds were sewn for moving here.

Leaving Poznan in 2015

Once you’ve seen Lake Malta, the old town and visited the churches, spend some chill out time on a budget at these cool bars in pretty Poznań (Pozzie). Many of them are really cheap and with a thrill and quirk of their own!

Poznań, Poland

1.Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

The ever trusty Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is a popular chain of traditional Polish pubs scattered in various towns and cities across the country. In Poznań there are two venues, both fairly central and I’ve been in both. Head to the Stary Rynek (Old Town Square) option, which serves long into the night and early morning. Not only is it a great night venue to chill out and meet some locals in, but the bar is extremely cheap!! Despite being slap bang in the middle of Poznań, prices mean you can get a beer for just 6 złotych (£1.20). Vodka is also just 6 złotych (£1.20) and the range of Polish snack food starts at 8 złotych, so it’s a perfect night out for those on a budget.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa Facebook Page
Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa Website
Stary Rynek 85, 61-772 Poznań

and also at Ratuszowa 61-219


You knew it was going to feature didn’t you? I simply love these wacaday PRL themed bars, and already included Proletarayat in my list of first PRL pubs in Poland. The theme of Proletaryat revolves around Communism and its history in Poland, Everything, from the design of the bar’s interior to its menu and the introductory ‘manifest’ on their website is reminiscent of Poland’s times under Communism. Luckily the atmosphere, extensive drinks list and vibe of the place keep you in the far more comfortable present day. Plus it’s very cheap for basic Polish drinks such as piwo (beer) and vodka.

Piątkowe Picie: The First Eight Socialist Communist PRL Themed Bars I Drank in in Poland

Proletaryat, Poznan with Mateusz


PRL was the former name of Poland during communist times and as such, this is a bar with a old school feel to it, acting as a time-warp back to the 1980s. The interior is modelled to warp you back in time, including decorations such as gramophones, old televisions on shelves and propaganda posters on the walls. The lack of windows gives the bar a basement feel. The bar serves up cheap beers and Polish snacks long into the night and has been running since 2008. PRL also has a special PRL beer for sale, and on weekends the venue gets busy with a mix of students, locals and tourists. Shots of vodka can be accompanied by many things including ogorki (gherkins).


PRL Pub Facebook

Ulica Mokra, 61-761 Poznan, Poland

4.Piwna Stopa

Piwna Stopa literally means ‘beer foot’ and what a better name for a pub that offers cheap beer in a friendly atmosphere?It models itself as a craft beer pub, specialising on good, locally brewed draft beers. Alongside a great beer menu, there are good offers on the food. The range of beer changes all the time but you can generally expect to find a good lager, pilsner, bitter, ale, stout or sour ale on tap at any time. The bottled beer range stays quite consistent with international options as well as Polish beers. The venue attracts a very lively crowd and has a beer garden for the hotter months.


5.Wodopoj Shot Bar

Wodopój Shot Bar is a modern Polish shot bar which specialises in dishing up quick shots, as well as boasting a wide range of spirits and cocktails. Wodopój is located a little outside the old town square but is well worth a visit. The interior is modern and stylish with a wooden bar, dark walls, raised tables and stools. Many customers use Wodopój as a venue for a quick shot on the way into the city centre, or they incorporate it into a pub crawl. The bar stays open until 2 a.m. at weekends.



Czupito is a cheap and cheerful shot bar situated near the old town in Poznań and is famous for shoty! The venue specialises in cheap and innovative shots with a huge range of varieties, colours and flavours. Literally you won’t believe the choice and I’ve merely only sampled a few of their crazy shots!

Wacky shots in Czupito

The shot menu is always changing. For example, during the 2018 World Cup there was a Russian flag shot featuring Bailey’s (white), blue curacao (blue) and raspberry liqueur (red) and during Halloween, Czupito served up a vodka shot with a candy eyeball in it. On Friday and Saturday nights, revellers make a beeline to Czupito to drink a range of shots together and enjoy the nightlife that Poznań has to offer.

Czupito’s 2018 World Cup shots!

Czupito on Facebook
Zamkowa 5, 61-772 Poznań

7.Basilium Beer Spot

I like Basilium and will never ever forget it as it is the first bar I EVER tried Grzaniec in – the famous hot Polish beer, Grzane Piwo. Poznań is famous for its ice festival every December, which takes place in the Old Town Square. Basilium Bar, has over five types of hot beer and also specialises in craft beer. Get a cosy seat and work your way through their menu, which serves a decent drop of beer long into the night.

Basilium Beer Spot with some other tourists

Basilium Beer Spot with some other tourists

Basilium on Facebook

8.Zielona Weranda

9.Bee Jays

Bee Jays is in the heart of the gorgeous old town square and I spotted on my first day and headed here for lunch. I had a delicious cup of ginger tea and a zurek soup

Zurek Stropolskie Soup at Bee Jays

Zurek Stropolskie Soup at Bee Jays


In the main square, I headed to Brovaria.

Here are some videos of my many nights and days out in the bars of Poznań:

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