Poland Poll: Which UNESCO Site Should Jonny Visit Last?

As 2018 begins to reach its climax, I’m under a bit of pressure to achieve my goal of visiting EVERY Polish UNESCO world heritage site by 31st December 2018. I still have 5 left and it’s already November! And 4 of the last 5 are tricky to get to. So this is my final Poland Poll of 2018. I will have a new challenge for 2018.

2017 – I visited every Province of Poland.
2018 – I am visiting every UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland.

Four options of where to send me last to complete my jigsaw:

1.Lesser Poland’s Wooden Churches
The church pictured above is just ONE of the many wooden churches entered in a UNESCO site in lower/lesser Poland. Despite having been there about 20 times, I have never been to any of the churches on the list.

2.Park Mużakowski
Located in both Germany and Poland, this huge park makes the list. It’s a tricky one to get to though, and will provide a challenge.

Park Mużakowski

3.Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska
These Tservka churches also make the list and they are in the south of Poland near the Ukraine border.

Wooden Churches of Southern Poland

4.Centennial Hall in Wrocław
I’ve actually been here before to the Centennial Hall but I didn’t go inside or take a photo of myself there, so I basically have no proof! So realistically I have to go back there to see it.

Centennial Hall in Wrocław

So get voting!



Which UNESCO Site Should Jonny Visit last?

Lesser Poland’s wooden churches
Park Mużakowski
Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska
Centennial Hall in Wrocław

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