Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce: Gdańsk to Host 2020 Europa League Final!!

My view at a Lechia Gdańsk match

Now for some great news for Poland!! Gdańsk will Host the 2020 Europa League Final!! This was announced yesterday on the official UEFA website. I’m buzzing about that and also want to get back into football writing more. I did some football stories for other sites recently, about Iceland and the Russia World Cup. But admittedly my series, Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce hasn’t been updated much recently. I have been so busy working in Poland as well as my recent trips (to Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia) and have so so many football stories to write. I have now been to over 50 matches in Poland, visiting around 30 stadiums in this country. I have surpassed my wildest dreams here despite my battle with depression! I have watched the Polish Cup Final, the Polish Super Cup Final and I have twice now seen the final league matches of the season unfold. So this UEFA announcement is great news for Poland – Gdańsk is one of my favourite cities and I love the Stadio Energa, where I have previously watched Lechia Gdańsk.

This stadium will host the 2020 Europa League Final

Having been to this superb stadium during my 6 months living in Gdańsk, I love the stadium and it is a credit to Poland that they have been given this match. As one of my favourite Polish football Facebook pages noted, Pomorski Związek Piłki Nożnej, this is one of 5 (and maybe even 6 if you count the under 19s tournament last year where I supported Northern Ireland) major football events hosted in Poland in a period of 8 years.

My view at a Lechia Gdańsk match

I thought I’d put a few photos of my groundhopping around Poland as I still have so much to cover and am exciting to be watching my Polish team of choice, Klub Piłkarski Starogard in another Polish Cup final in June 2018. Watch this space for an update on my huge backlog of football stories, including watching Legia Warszawa, Termalika and Kartofliska.

Thanks to UEFA for once, and here are some of my favourite Polish football photos so far.

2005 – Poland 1-0 Northern Ireland. Polish Army Stadium. What a night.

Watching Northern Ireland play Germany in Gliwice, Poland in 2017.

Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce: Incredible Kazimierz Deyna 70th Birthday Match and Watching Jan Tomaszewski Live in Starogard Gdański

Watching a special Kazik Deyna match in Starogard Gdański in 2017

Watching Legia Warszawa in 2018

Touring Arka Gdynia’s stadium in 2017

Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce: Watching SKS Polonia Gdańsk 2-1 Orlęta Reda by Gdańsk Shipyard

Watching SKS Polonia Gdańsk 2-1 Orlęta Reda by Gdańsk Shipyard

Watching Football in a Speedway Stadium in Gdańsk!! GKP Wybrzeze 2-1 Gryf Goręczyno

Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce: My Polish Cup Debut, Watching Kartofliska Warszawa v Bar Ulubiona ETV in Marymont, Warszawa

Watching Klub Piłkarski Starogard Gdański winning 2-0 v. Unia Solec Kujawski at the Deyna Stadium in 2017

Ready for my first Polish Cup Final

With Poland’s most famous groundhopper – Radek from Kartofliska

Polish Super Cup Final – Legia v Arka in 2017

Outside Lech Poznań’s stadium

Local match in Targowek

The Football Stadium in Nieciecza – smallest village ever to host top flight football in Europe

Watching Legia Warszawa dick Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza 6-0 in 2017


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