Using SVG Files From Design Bundles As A Blogger

As a blogger, image use, logos, headers etc. all play an important role in the writing, blogging, promoting and marketing process. Back in July 2016, a company called Design Bundles started up, providing customers and users with affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. Since then the company has grown incredibly and they now have a customer base of over 1 million users, so I thought I’d check it out and test it myself.

It’s a website and platform which has over 150,000 marketplace products that you can buy. There are Curated Design Bundles with up to 96% off the Regular Retail Price and the webiste is user friendly and easy to use. Design Bundles also pride themselves on their outstanding reputation for Quality at Affordable Prices with Customer Service being their number one Core Focus. The website can be found here:

Using SVG Files From Design Bundles As A Blogger

Using SVG Files

On my travels, I use SVG files and cut files as part of my scrapbooking hobby. I collect a lot of different items, I take a lot of photos, I build up collections of stamps, beer mats, beer labels, postcards, banknotes, coins and passport stamps or even visas. To use svg cuts on Design Bundles site couldn’t be easier.

As well as compiling excellent imagery online, I also use svg files and cuts when compiling my promotional material, for my blogs, my logos, my books etc. Here are a few examples of how using Design Bundles can help us as bloggers.

I especially like the themed bundles such as the sports, the writing and football /soccer bundle. As a football geek, it’s right up my street!

Soccer Bundle

From the designs, this is just where the fun starts! You can then tuen these magical designs into physical products, in the form of printed logos, t-shirts, wallets, writing pads etc. In fact the list is endless. Once you have chosen and designed the SVG files you need, you can start to plot your business around them and use them in whatever way you see fit.

Football bundle

I have logos for multiple businesses now, due to the fact that I run a few travel blogs and they all need separate logos. Sites such as Don’t Stop Living, Northern Irishman in Poland, Crossing World Borders, Travelling Northern Ireland flag dot com and Backpacking in China. All have separate niches and I needed to maximise the logo use to ensure brand consistency and continue brand awareness.

A travel presentation I did

Northern Irishman in Poland / Połnocny Irlandczyk w Polsce

Northern Irishman in Poland / Połnocny Irlandczyk w Polsce

Northern Irishman in Poland – Północny Irlandczyk w Polsce

So what are you waiting for? Get started straightaway by heading to the incredible world of Design Bundles and start to streamline your business with well designed and various logos and headers.

And don’t forget to have fun and enjoyment along the way. It’s a great opportunity to be creative whilst enjoying the brand new period for your business.

Happy creative times and safe travels!

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