5 Essential Items For Anyone Travelling To Poland In 2020

5 Essential Items For Anyone Travelling To Poland In 2020

5 Essential Items For Anyone Travelling To Poland In 2020

5 Packing Essentials For Anyone Travelling To Poland This Year 

Poland is a fantastic and unique country that is steeped in history which explains why Poland is such a frequented tourist destination, with over 21 million visitors in 2019 alone! Poland draws tourists from all over the world, and all walks of life thanks to the vast amount of tourist attractions, the incredible food and drinks, and most of all the incredible culture. By now you are likely booking your trip, but before you leave you need to ask yourself, what will you pack to make sure you have the best time possible? Here are 5 must have items for anyone travelling to Poland in 2020.

Neck Wallet

A neck wallet is a must have for any traveller regardless of destination, they are discreet enough to comfortably wear under your everyday clothes and keep everything safe and secure. With a neck wallet you can forget all about misplacing an item or falling victim to a pickpocket in built-up tourist areas as you have a place to keep your money, phone and passport securely organised.

Warm Clothing

Poland is known for its mild climate and very cold winters so when you start packing you need to keep protection from the elements, and comfort right from the start. If you are heading to Poland in the colder months, then thick coats and plenty of layers are a must to help battle away the cold. You will also need a hat, gloves and maybe even a scarf if the weather is particularly bad. If the excitement of your trip has inspired to create something unique Banana Moon Clothing can help you make your own personalised hats a reality.

Winter in Biskupiec Northern Irishman in Poland Kasia Powierza Town

Winter in Biskupiec

Power Adaptor

Poland is full of breath-taking scenery, so between filling your photo album with pictures of Polish history, the incredible food you will experience and the new friends you will meet, your phone battery is going to take a hammering! To make sure you have enough phone battery to share your favourite snaps to Instragram you will need a power adaptor. If you are a heavy social media user, or you will be using your phone for navigation you may find your phone is running low before long, so to go along side your adaptor, pack a backup compact powerpack for convenient charging on the go

Wow! View of the Palace of Culture and Science out my hotel window.

Travel Insurance

For any travel you should consider insurance, especially now as we start to recover from the damage caused by the pandemic. There is still a sense of uncertainty in the air, and as many tourist destinations require a quarantine period upon arrival home, many of us are awaiting a second lockdown. If this were the case, then choosing the right insurance cover for your holiday plans will give you peace of mind and potentially cover you for any financial losses caused by cancelations.

Get travel insurance

Comfortable Shoes

This one cannot be stressed enough, I have seen many plans scuppered by blisters and sore feet over my years of travelling and exploring, many of which could have easily been prevented with a little forethought in the footwear choice. The climate of Poland can cause a little difficulty when choosing appropriate footwear as it may be a little too cold and wet for certain types of trainers and walking boots can be a little bulky and awkward to pack. Trainers can be the most suitable, but make sure they are going to offer you the level of protection that you will require from your footwear. Shock absorbing insoles are another way to keep you on your feet for longer whilst preventing any aches and pains, as well as getting the added benefit of a better posture!

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