An Honest Apology And Why NIMIP Is Over For Now

Hello everyone!! Dzień dobry!!

At 16:40 p.m. on Thursday 30th September 2021, my world was turned on its head. I was in shock and plunged into deep depression. At that time, I thought I would never ever get a chance again to write a blog post, to apologise to people, to admit my mistakes, to understand different people’s perceptions. But I thank God and the decisions of others that I am alive and online today to write this.

At 12:oo p.m. on Monday 11th October 2021, I felt the same. I felt that my life was over. Something happened later that day that kept me alive and thinking positively. I was offline for about 12 days and there is a reason for that and the same reason why I feel sad.

I am sorry to anyone I hurt. I didn’t know I was hurting people. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I have remorse. I have regret. I wholeheartedly apologise. I am a man of pure peace, love and harmony.

I want the best for everyone out there but right now, I am in depression and it’s time for a break.

On 12th October 2021, however, I needed to quit the blog. So I posted this post below.

** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ** Thanks and goodBYE. 🙂
There won’t be a photo with this post, just a post. I really want to thank everyone for following this blog the last 5 years (well since December 2016). I have enjoyed sharing my life in Poland with you all. The time has come for me to withdraw from this blog for now. It might return someday. But right now, I have been offline for almost 2 weeks and I am not feeling good at all. I have some big problems in life to solve, which I am deeply sorry for, remorseful about and extremely sad about. I know that I am not the perfect man but I have a heart and I love to see everybody happy and healthy and I wish the best upon everybody. Right now, I am feeling extremely down, an all time low and I need time to understand it all. I have never felt worse than this in my life, so I must withdraw for now from the blog. Take care everyone!!! It was really fun, so I might keep the archives online. The website will stay online too.
Jonny Blair (Ulsterczyk, Northern Irishman in Poland).
*And while there wasn’t a photo with the above Facebook post, the blog post will have two, from Gniezno – Poland’s first capital city.
An Honest Apology And Why NIMIP Is Over For Now

An Honest Apology And Why NIMIP Is Over For Now

An Honest Apology And Why NIMIP Is Over For Now

An Honest Apology And Why NIMIP Is Over For Now

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