Dating Options In Poland During COVID Times

I am currently a single Ulsterman in Poland, a Northern Irishman in Poland. I never planned or wanted it to be like that in singledom. I had a few dates and failed nights out with Polish girls but nothing of any relationship really materialised. It is what it is.

“Illusion never changed into something real” – Natalie Imbruglia.

However, it still seems weird and sad that I cannot find love given the vast amounts of options available now to singletons. Since COVID 19 began, of course online and options with less contact have become more important. I have delved into a few different options down the years and still await that mystery love. One day perhaps I will find her. Here are just a few of them there options for me, and for you.

Working in bars

Dating Options In Poland During COVID Times

Dating Websites

Dating websites like erodate can help out. You just set up an account and put up your credentials. You can then match up with the girl or boy of your dreams. On such websites it is important to be honest and also to stay within the law. Sex and dating can cause complications but most of all it should involve beauty and secrecy. Nobody knows what you will get up to behind the sheets.

This internet dating phenomenon first started with companies like Sympatia back in the days, then we had Badoo and Zoosk. It continues to be highly popular, with many different niches for example the erotic dating sites which allow a bit more intimacy.

Erotic Dating Sites

Dating Apps

These days, the iPhone generation and SmdeartPhone lovers all love a dating app download. Many husbands and wives met via apps such as Tinder. Bumble is a new up and coming dating app. The problem is often with honesty – people can lie about their name, age, job and even put up a fake hot selfie that isn’t even that person. So be careful at all time when using such apps.

Classic Tinder

Speed Dating

In 2017, I tried Speed Dating in Warszawa. It wasn’t my first time to try it. I had been at speed dating in Bournemouth in 2004. Basically a load of guys and girls in a room – for example 20 guys and 20 girls. And 20 tables. The 20 girls take a seat at each table and the guys basically take it in turns to have 5 minutes chat with every girl. After all those dates in a short time, you can match up with a partner.

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Speed Dating at the Hard Rock Cafe, Warszawa

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Speed Dating at the Hard Rock Cafe, Warszawa

Traditional Dating – Down The Pub

Of course, after all that, we shouldn’t ignore traditional dating. I miss the loyal glory days where we would rock down to the local. In there, back in the 90s, nobody had phones, cameras, WiFi or social media. This is still my favourite option as it is spontaneous and real. Plus you get to meet people in the same city you are in and you can be sure they exist as they are and are not faking an online profile.

Centro Pub in Ketrzyn

Whatever dating option you choose, Poland is a great country for it. Good luck in finding the love of your life.

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