Finding Love Abroad: Dating Ideas for Immigrants

As an immigrant in Poland, I try my best to fit into the lifestyle here. This can be tricky with a new language, new culture, new traits and norms and new people around me. However I am a people person and I have a lot of Polish friends, as well as friends in places like Hong Kong, Australia and England. All three of those places, I also lived in. As well as making a new home and gaining new friends, we also must find ways to seek a new love.

These days, social media and the internet has made things easier. We have more choices now on how to meet girls or guys when we are living abroad. Whether we are into Speed Dating in Warszawa or Love Manchester Singles, the options are out there and it is good to know more ideas. Here are some options for dating when abroad, which I have used in places like Poland, England and Australia…

1.Speed Dating Events

I have partaken in speed dating a few times in my life. It gives you a unique chance to meet 10+ girls / guys on one evening whereby you go from table to table for several 5 minute “dates”. There are organisations in Warsaw, Manchester and Belfast that organise such events and they are always fun! There is a good chance you will match with someone and this can lead to a date, a sexual relationship or even marriage.

2.Singles Websites

There are sites specifically set up for single people these days, and these sites can be found everywhere. There are even in less popular cities, websites such as Love Cambridgeshire Singles have cropped up in the last few years. So if you really want to get off the beaten track on your journeys, be sure to look out for Cambridge dating options when enjoying your time in England, learning the language, as many Polish people have done with aplomb.

3.Sports Events

Sports events are a great way to bond and connect. Head to a city that really excels in sport. London, Sydney and Manchester come to mind. But we don’t mean some London dating agency or a random Manchester dating site, it’s more about attending a sports match and chatting up girls or guys. Imagine watching Manchester City or Barcelona and eyeing up that girl of your dream. Who knows? It could be the perfect chance to find your future husband or wife. Plus you get to enjoy an exciting football, rugby, boxing etc. match in the process!

Śmieszne Historie o Piłce Nożnej w Polsce: Watching football


Yes, folks – if all else fails, there is always Tinder. Good old trusted Tinder where you swipe right or left to decide whether you like someone or not. Sooner or later you will get matches, you can contact them, connect and eventually meet up. Some people might think it is mostly used for sex – but there is a lot more to Tinder than that.

Romance could be just around the corner, good luck everyone!!

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