Finding love in Poland? Is It Easy For Immigrants?

Finding love in Poland? Is It Easy For Immigrants? Short answer is no. In fact, it’s very difficult in my opinion. Despite being able to speak a bit of Polish, and the fact that most Polish ladies I meet speak good English, there are other issues. Love can be found anywhere of course, and who knows if it is just around the chimney corner or not.

Now that I live in Poland, I often get people asking me if I’m married to a Polish girl or even if I’m dating a Polish girl. The answer remains the same. No no and no. However when you live in a country, the likelihood of dating a girl from that country is of course increased. It doesn’t mean it will happen.

Because of this, I cannot really give other people advice on the matter, which makes me laugh!! Sometimes guys and girls from abroad message me and ask advice about living in Poland and dating locals. I’m not so well versed in this regard so not the best person to ask. I have shared other stories about life in Poland however, such as the problems learning the language, the things I love about Poland and even the things I hate about Poland.

But I have been on multiple dates with Polish ladies, most which ended in total disaster. None of those ladies would I dedicate the rest of my life to, but who knows. I did make a lot of new friends since moving here in 2016. Here are some aspects of life in Poland that can help with dating and relationships.

Sex Shops in Poland
Pornography and sex shops are popular. They are prominent in the big cities – Warszawa has tons of sex shops selling all kinds of things. You can buy quirky condoms, dildos, all kinds of lubricants and gel and some other kinds of male enhancements. Warsaw has a lot of cool sex shops for sure.

Touch of the Irish: Warszawa’s famous Palace of Culture and Science all lit up on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019

Dating Events in Poland
There are numerous dating events in Poland. I myself have attended an excellent Speed Dating night in Warszawa. There are plenty of Polish dating sites and Facebook groups to help you find love.

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Speed Dating at the Hard Rock Cafe, Warszawa

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Speed Dating at the Hard Rock Cafe, Warszawa

Of course if all else fails, there’s the delightful Tinder App. Just log in and keep swiping on the girls (or guys) you find attractive with a tick or a right flick. If there’s a match, you have the chance to send each other a message and get connected. If there is no match, well you may never see that person again, or ever. I’ve met about 5 Polish ladies through Tinder, no sparks really, not even a kiss and I haven’t had sex for over 2 years anyway.

Aside from all of this, I’m actually looking for something serious now. I’ve had my fun and enough failed relationships and romances to last a lifetime. The quest begins to find everlasting love, if that really exists!

I wish you all luck in finding love and hope I can have some of that luck myself here.


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6 thoughts on “Finding love in Poland? Is It Easy For Immigrants?

  • How about working in poland too ? the cost of food, transport, rent of room and over all the living conditions of poland as a ghanaian citizen who wants to come over there and work as factory hands job at poland

    • Hi Mubarak, thanks for your comment. Yes I have worked in Poland and I recommend it. I haven’t been to Ghana yet – I was at the border from Togo to Ghana without a visa so I couldn’t visit so I don’t know if Poland is cheaper than Ghana or not for the things you mention. Safe travels. Jonny

    • Hi Abdul, that’s a very complicated process if you weren’t born there or have Polish parents. I don’t qualify for Polish citizenship or ID card so I don’t want or need one but good luck! Jonny

  • Hi I have a question

    If people come to Poland by their own car … for example Holland… does it get stolen ? Is it better to buy a car in Poland with a polish number plate ? I will live in Poland for a long time and need a car .

    • Holland? Holland is not a country but a region of The Netherlands. I think you are confused. Probably you mean if somebody from Poland takes a car to The Hetherlands it will be stolen? Poland is much safer and less theft than the Netherlands.

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