Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) and My Month Off Alcohol

Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) and My Month Off Alcohol

Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) and My Month Off Alcohol

To all my friends in Poland, my readers and everyone else who I know and who reads, Happy Three Kings Day! This is the Dzien Trzech Króli in Poland dedicated to Kaspar, Melchior and Balthazar, the three wise men who visited Jesus at his birth. I will not be going to the parade this year in Poland, but will go to church privately to say my own prayers for the new year. If you want to see some great photos from this year’s Three Kings Day check here:

Orszak Trzech Króli Gdańsk

Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) – Gdansk

Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) and My Month Off Alcohol

2016 and 2017 were not great years in my life, easily the worst two years I’ve ever had, all because of a nasty liar I met on my travels. It was a person who deliberately chose lies to me, knowing how much I hate lies and only respect the truth. This person sabotaged my original travel blog and ruined my dreams and still refuses to apologise. But I moved on personally, and started a fresh life, blocking old contacts, finding a new flat, settling in Poland and trying to start from scratch, but one nasty GuruGod continued to stalk and harass me and my family and friends. I still fear it every day. I’m still suicidal every day, because nasty lied.

Happy Three Kings Days (Dzien Trzech Króli) and My Month Off Alcohol

But I set myself targets to try and counter act those nasty liars and stalkers I met. I have given up alcohol for the rest of January 2018 for a start, my first long break (apart from backpacking Muslim countries) since July 2015. Here were some of my targetstargets:

1.Settle in Poland – EASY. I did it and love it now. It’s the perfect country for me to live in. I couldn’t be in a better country right now.
2.Visit every Province of Poland in 2017 – EASY. I did it by mid December with 16 days to spare and loved it. Every province was beautiful.
3.Introduce a Monthly Poll for my readers – EASY. I did it and I also love the interaction it brings. Check my Poland Poll for more details.
4. Backpack 200 countries by the age of 40 – HARD. I have no motivation for global travel anymore. Having visited about 100 countries between 2003 – 2016, in the last 18 months I have visited just 8 new countries, some of them just for a few days rather than the hardcore tourist and travel writer I was in days of yore. I have visited 158 real countries now, so 42 to go in three years, three months. It will be tough, that’s more than 1 a month, but we will see. I’d rather be happy, healthy and have that apology than ever go anywhere new again.
5. Visit a settlement in Poland beginning with the A – Z – HARD. I have a few letters still to crack and many letters that do not have a settlement, but we will see.
6. Visit every Polish UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018 – MEDIUM to HARD. I will give this a go. It means more than one a month, but living in Poland should make this easier.
7. I run a Daily Photo on my Facebook Page now. It gives me some challenge every day, however small.

Nothing else really matters to me anymore, other than staying happy and healthy.

If that person is reading, please, please understand your nastiness and apologise to me. Please. Po prosze.

Happy Three Kings Day and for a Better 2018.

Jonny Blair
Travel Writer at https://www.northernirishmaninpoland.com/
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