Job Opportunities For Polish People in the UK

Thinking back to my time working in England in the UK always reminds me of working with Polish people in so many different jobs from bars, to hotels, to ferries to offices! Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, the amount of people moving countries to work has grown tremendously. Personally, I left Northern Ireland in 2003, so a full year before Poland had even joined the EU in 2004. It was in May 2004, that I met the first ever Polish person on my journey – Piotr.

Working with lots of Polish people in Bournemouth in 2005

After that, suddenly I met a lot more in 2004. I met even more still when Northern Ireland played against Poland in a football match in September 2004 in Belfast, and again in March 2005 in Warszawa (also my first trip to Poland. I previously shared some of my own jobs from my travels. Here are some easy ways to make money and stay employed whilst living in the UK.

Working on car ferries

Working on car ferries


Bars is the obvious one here. If you know basic English and how to pour a pint of beer, you are in. Easy! I worke din a load of bars with Polish people in England. It also makes for a super social life.

Working in bars

Working in bars


Again – hotel work was easy to find back in the day of course. I have still included it on the list as I am sure hotels and tourism will return once the pandemic fades away. However, due to the recent hotel closures, I have added in a few extra ideas for earning money for Polish people living in the UK now, see points 3 – 6.

3.Strip Clubs, Massages

Whilst the world might be in lockdown, it doesn’t mean everything stops. Yes, there will be less hotel and airport jobs, but people still need entertainment and fun right?  Before strip clubs and massage parlours re-open, why not consider other options. There are ways to think outside the box, for example in Bedford, you can find options such as , to flaunt your opportunity to make some money because of your beauty. We should not be ashamed of sexuality in this day and age and the lockdown should not thwart us from delving into such industries. Everybody needs to survive.

Go beyond bar work

Go beyond bar work

4.Model Agencies

Modelling still exists under lockdown, and with social distancing and the need to still look good, fashion modelling continues behind closed doors. All you need is a photographer and a good figure. I spent a lot of time in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in England. Such agencies also come with raunchiness and who knows, even the chances of a babyboom could exist if Isle of Wight sex overtakes the Isle of Wight ferries as a main seller or income method during lockdown. Speaking of which, I once worked on those Isle of Wight ferries!!

Working on Isle of Wight ferries

Working on Isle of Wight ferries

5.Selling Ice Cream

My old favourite!! I loved this job. By selling ice cream by the beach in Bournemouth, I met so so many people that changed my life.

Pracujące Poniedziałki: The Craziest 10 Jobs I Had In My Life – selling ice cream


Finally, of course I have to mention blogging. If you don’t fancy a physical or public job out there, then stay at home. Work online during the pandemic by doing IT, or…starting a blog. Remember that bloggers can now earn money online through marketing, sponsorship, advertising, writing, editing and much more. There are many options for this now.

Good luck finding that job!

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