Making Use Of The Best Fonts As A Blogger

As a blogger, it pays to be creative and to keep up to date with technology in all aspects of the internet world. This has developed in my own career as a blogger in the last 13 years. For me, writing came first and foremost and I still feel that it is the most important part of blogging for me. I still love to write and I do this on Don’t Stop Living and Backpacking in China, as well as this website. However, with that, comes photography, videography, social media expertise, networking, merchandising and graphics. Today I will focus on graphics and fonts.

Making Use Of The Best Fonts As A Blogger

Making Use Of The Best Fonts As A Blogger

Graphics and Fonts Online

There are many ways to find new and exciting graphics and fonts online. Of course, using Microsoft Word and WordPress, we are quite limited in our selection but they are definitely a good start for the rookie and newbie blogger. Once we get deeper into blogging, we need more. This leaves us with a few options – to hire a graphics expert or even cooler – to check out a new up and coming graphics related website. Step in, Design Bundles…

Design Bundles

Design Bundles

Design Bundles is a cool new up and coming company. It began as recently as July 2016, acting as a way to provide their users and customers with affordable digital products. These are mainly graphics, craft files, mock ups, illustrations, pattern and templates. The platform now has over 1,000,000 users! I checked it out and like the ease of use that it proves amateur tech guys like me, with. There are over 150,000 products on their extensive marketpace. They have bundles where you can get up to 96% off the Regular Retail Price. It is easy to use and easy to navigate around. Here are some more specific tips.

Making Use Of The Best Fonts As A Blogger

Creating Good Fonts

Fonts are an important part of graphics. Whether it is an eye-catching font, a tattoo font or a tailored font (i.e. specifically for your website) then there are many ways to get this designed and implemented onto your website. Personally I am not a big tech and graphics expert, so I always am grateful of my job being made easier for me so that I can get on with my blogging. Once you have your best fonts created, you can of course use them to streamline your brand across many mediums.

Making Use Of The Best Fonts As A Blogger

Designing a Logo

There were quite a few interesting things for me when designing my logo for this website. These included colour coding and synchronising. For example, the Poland and Northern Ireland flags are the same main colours – white and red. As well as this, I had to add in the fact that I would need to use two different alphabets – the Northern Irish alphabet and the Polish alphabet. The Polish alphabet doesn’t have q, x or v in it – yes really!

Northern Irishman in Poland / Połnocny Irlandczyk w Polsce

Northern Irishman in Poland / Połnocny Irlandczyk w Polsce

Originally I wanted to have maps of both countries in the logo, as above. But further down the line, I noticed that less was more and also less confusing to my followers and readers. I also changed the font a few times as you can see. The one below was chosen as it is a tad more retro and actually quite resembles old school writing found on Polish government buildings.

Northern Irishman in Poland – Północny Irlandczyk w Polsce

Why is the font important?

When you first saw my logo, you probably first read the words, then looked at the two flags. Let’s look again…

Tourist in Kokoszkowy: Jonny Blair, Northern Irishman in Poland

Jonny Blair, Northern Irishman in Poland

There are some other curiosities with my logo and the fonts. The Polish lettering, the hyphen and something you might not have even noticed – PIW as you read it down. Subliminally this means “BEER” (pięc piw is five beers).

Promoting your brand

Once you have the logo and the font all ready, the next step is promotion. For me, I actually already had over 20 years of experience in this as a fanzine editor in my youth, a radio DJ at college and a PR rep in London. So naturally, I used this experience coupled with the graphics I had used to do my promotion. Promotion was mostly done on social media. After that initial burst in late 2016, once everything was launched, I just continued my normal life here in Poland. It was actually quite an easy process in the end, but of course it was made easier by website such as Design Bundles helping along the way. I must also thank my host server and of course all the Polish people that aided this along the way.

Stay safe and happy blogging!

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