My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Long before I moved to Poland, I had already visited China 20 times, taking in 13 of the 29 parts of it that I recognise. I was in Shanghai twice on those trips. Shanghai is indeed a remarkable city. It is the most populous metropolis in China with almost 25 million permanent residents. Shanghai is also one of the top travel destinations in the world, so you can always find a few million foreign tourists there. The city is also very old with a notable history.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Such characteristics provide numerous opportunities when it comes to tourism. There are many great attractions you can visit and explore so Shanghai should definitely be on the list of everyone’s travel priorities.

Old City

Old City is, for example, one of the great destinations in Shanghai. It was the city’s center in the past, so you can find many interesting and historically important objects at that place.

The buildings with unusual shapes and characteristics usually leave the visitors breathless. It is one of the magic locations you will remember forever. That’s why you should definitely visit this destination during your stay in the city.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

The Bund

The Bund is often considered the heart of the city. It is Shanghai’s most popular location for walking, placed at the back of Huangpu River. Many important objects surround the area, so you can enjoy the sight while walking on the promenade.

You can find many excellent restaurants, pubs, and shops in the area. These are great when you need to eat, relax, drink your favorite beverage, or purchase some interesting souvenirs.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Yu Garden

Yu Garden is probably the best and most notable Chinese garden in the city. It is located near the City God Temple in the Old City.

Yu Garden was built in 1559 during the Ming dynasty. The founder was the governor of Sichuan. He built the garden for his old father who needed comfort during his last years.

Yu Garden is pretty big, comparing some similar locations of that type. It spreads across two hectares, and you can find different objects and various plants and trees on the site. It is definitely an amazing experience to visit such a location, and it is not on the list of the city’s top travel attractions without a reason.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

People’s Square

The People’s Square is in the city’s center, and it is also one of the great places for many activities. There is a lot of free space, so it is a favorite location for gatherings of people of all ages and backgrounds.

The youngsters come to practice martial arts, while the elders sit and drink tea. Ballroom dancers usually provide lessons, and the Square is great for activities of different types.

Approximately, 700,000 people cross the Square every day, so it testifies a lot about the popularity of the location. The subway station is placed next below the Square, so it is one more reason for the mass visiting.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Huangpu Cruising

Huangpu is a great and large river. It is important for the economy of the city, but it is also an excellent tourist location. You can enjoy the sight on the bank, or walk next to it.

Cruising and sailing are popular activities. For the first one, there are boats other people drive, and you can buy a ticket and enjoy the tour.

The prices of the tickets are usually affordable, and the cruising provides you an opportunity to observe the city from a different point of view.

That’s why you should definitely take your seat, and explore the river’s magic. sailing is a bit harder because you will usually need your own boat, but cruising does not present a problem.

My Travels Outside Poland: Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Pudong Skyscrapers

Pudong Skyscrapers are some of the tallest buildings in the city, country, and entire world. These are recently developed, and they provide various tourist opportunities. It is definitely a remarkable experience to come close to these buildings.

They look really fascinating, and you can take a few shots from an appropriate location. You should not come too close, of course, because these tall skyscrapers would be just partially visible. The Promenade on the Bund is, however, great for the purpose. The photos made there usually look very nice with the skyscrapers in the background.

These tall buildings are also great for the observation of the city. When you come to a rooftop, the entire Shanghai is clearly visible. Some bars are also located on top floors, so you can even drink a favorite beverage during these moments.

Due to Covid 19, China has some restrictions to obtain travel visa for China. So make sure check the requirements if you plan to visit Shanghai.

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