Poland Poll: Send Jonny To One Of These Polish Breweries

Since early 2017, I have been running several ‘Poland Poll‘s where YOU voted to control my destiny. In the past it took me to places like Hitler’s Hideout (Wilczy Szaniec), the nudist beach at Lubiewo and the holy city of Częstochowa. This is my first such poll of 2019 and the first since November 2018.

Wilczy Szaniec/ Wolfscanze / Wolf’s Lair

As you might have read for the month of February, I am on a detox from alcohol, burgers and kebabs. For no reason other than to see if it can improve my health. After my recent trip to Cardiff (Wales) and Bath, Bristol (England) I returned to Poland feeling ill. So in my first month back on the sauce, the booze, the alcohol, I thought it would be a good idea for you to send me to one of the four listed Polish breweries! I will be off on a new adventure!! Here are the four choices, get voting and choose wisely! Voting ends on St. Patrick’s Day 17th March 2019.

1.Browar Łomża

Browar Łomża is in the town of Łomża, as yet unvisited by me. I’d love to double this one up as a tourist of the town and a few jars of Łomża beer on a night on the rip.

Browar w Łomży

Łomża looks pretty

2.Browar Żywiecki

Browar Żywiecki is perhaps the most famous brewery in Poland and on this list. Żywiec is located in southern central Poland in the Silesia region and has a pretty square and a castle.

Browar Żywiecki

Żywiec Castle

Żywiec Castle

3.Browar Jabłonowo

Browar Jabłonowo features the famous ‘Belfast Ale’ which is made in Poland and simply called Belfast. You cannot even get this Belfast Beer in Northern Ireland!! So personally this is a place I’d love to go but I won’t sway your vote! I’ll go there anyway at a later date if it unwins.

Browar Jabłonowo (Belfast Beer)

“Tell me ma when I go home the boys won’t leave the girls alone” – Unknown Belfastite.

Belfast Beer: Made in Poland

Belfast Beer: Made in Poland

4.Okocim Brewery

Okocim Brewery again is a world famous one. I have actually passed through the city of Okocim a few times by train, but never stopped there. This vote gives me a 25% chance of getting off the train next time!

Okocim Brewery

Get voting below…

Which Polish Brewery Should Jonny Visit?

Browar Łomża
Żywiec Brewery
Browar Jabłonowo (Belfast Beer)
Okocim Brewery

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