Whatever Happened to Traditional Dating?

These days, traditional dating seems to be on its way out. Or does it? I remember how much I loved it twenty years ago before the digital internet revolution kicked off – going into a bar in those days, chatting up girls face to face. Making each other laugh, being spontaneous and just loving the challenge. That was in real life – real girls in bars. They didn’t have phones to be immersed in, they didn’t have apps downloading, they were in the bars to have a drink and meet people. Life was bliss back then. It was easy to find love, to find fun, to find sex, to enjoy a romantic moment, even just to laugh with each other. I remember my first trip to Poland was also like that. I had a disposable camera with me, no phone and the locals didn’t walk around with phones. You could easily meet new friends in bars and cafes. Life changed…

Now, everyone seems to be using apps and other methods for dating. It saddens me a bit that it is now harder for open, chatty guys like me to easily find love, or even a date. Girls in bars are now more interested in their phones than the funny, cool handsome guys that rock up to the bar for a chat. A sadness perhaps, and a sign of the times for sure.

However, this is all well known to younger folk who are addicted to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Tinder. But what about the older folks out there, do they still try to use traditional methods? Well, actually things have changed in this regard too. With so many senior dating sites nowadays.

Senior Dating

The word senior used to always mean over 65s, but these days it has more flexibility. Many couples are divorced or widowed and might need a new partner aged 50. Their options these days include sites such as senior dating sites. Such dating sites are useful for getting to know a person online before you meet them. You can suss them out, chat online and then finally agree to meet. It’s a method that didn’t really exist back in the day. Now, people have no shame or embarrassment about using such sites.

Dating for Polish based in England

It is also now easy for Polish people based in England to connect. Options such as speed dating and Tinder are clear, but regionally check out sites such as Norfolk Dating or Shropshire Dating which focus on people only living in those areas. If you are looking for fellow Polish seniors abroad, this is also a great place to look for it, as they are expected to put their real names. It won’t be hard to spot a Piotr amongst the Peters or a Kamila amongst the Camillas.

Representing Bournemouth University at the NASTAs, April 2005

Whatever Happened to Traditional Dating?

Bingo Nights

And so back to the point of this post – does traditional dating and flirting still exist? I’d certainly like to think so. Bingo Halls still bring in the crowds and there are still regular dances and balls held around the world. Whether it’s in Europe in Poland, Northern Ireland or England, there will always be a local night out somewhere for older folk.

Whatever your preferred method, I still seek that love of my life, on every corner of every street…

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