My First Ever Polish Date

Despite moving to Poland in 2016, believe it or not, my first ever date with a Polish girl occurred back in 2004 when I was based in the seaside town of Bournemouth in England. It was back in the days when we didn’t have Facebook, or Tinder, or so many free dating sites. Yes, an era that seems to have passed some of us by as we rely so much on modern technology. In 2017, I tried Speed Dating in Warszawa but years ago, I met a Polish girl called Ania while on a night out in Bournemouth.

Working with lots of Polish people in Bournemouth in 2005

We met at a concert and started chatting – her English was superb and we agreed to go for drinks soon after. I suggested a venue for food, so we ate, we drank we chatted. At the time she was living in Charminster in Bournemouth and I walked her to the bus stop, before she headed home. It was my first ever Polish date. I have had a few since then, including dating Polish girls actually IN Poland (great idea, that). But this short moment with Ania sowed those seeds, even though I never saw her again, and have no idea what she is doing now. These days, there are more options for finding love, especially with the internet and all these crazy apps, groups and new initiatives. I get lost in the variety of options, being a traditionalist. However, here are three more modern options for dating:

Online Match Making

Before even going on a date, it is important to know not only what your potential date is like, but to know if you have things in common. The site Match me Happy is great for this as you get into the finer details in advance. We are talking about understanding the same hobbies and interests, style of music, many parts of real life. Once we feel there is a connection, meeting is easy to organise.

Online Dating Sites

These days there are a ridiculous number of online dating sites, so much so that we are spoilt for choice. The UK based We Love Dates is a good way to meet partners when living in England. So many couples have met up using their easy to understand website. But be sure to put your real name, age and photo. It will backfire if you lie.

The classic  dating option, eh? Tinder! Just sign up, put your best ever photo on there and wait for the matches to arrive! Then get chatting, meet up and who knows – the next big romance maybe!
Facebook Groups
While it started as Mark Zuckerberg’s little university project, Facebook has developed into one of the largest platforms in the world for many different activities. You can use it for football groups, to find jobs, to share travel tips, and yes for dating. Just join up and become a member of a Facebook group near you and get messaging new potential dates.
We Love Dates
There are niche websites such as “We Love Dates” who can tailor your dating targets and preferences to ensure you fund the woman or man of your dreams. This also helps by giving you time to get to know the person online before ever committing to meeting. Remember, there are many crazy people and weirdos out there, as well as compulsive nasty liars so get set up and be ready for what these options might bring you.
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