Why Online Dating Has Replaced Face To Face Dating

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As you get older in life, finding love gets harder and harder. It’s a real challenge. I’ve been around the world a few times over. I visited over 200 countries but still that elusive love was all in my head, was all in my mind.

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Why Online Dating Has Replaced Face To Face Dating

Childhood sweetheart Claire McKee was just fantasy worlds. Teenage love was lost on East Belfast blonde bombshell Vicky Everitt as we busstop spoke back in my tech days on Belvoir Estate in the Northern Irish capital. Later it was all globehopping. I fell in love in Hungary and Hong Kong but nothing became concrete. I ended up in a 5 year relationship but that fizzled out leaving a ring and a failed engagement. Love was usually found in a bar, in the air, on the beach, anywhere. Since those halcyon days, the world of love has become a lot more complex. Sites like erodate sprung up giving us the chance to flirt online, events like Speed Dating came to town and apps like Tinder came out.

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In real life though, away from all of that, I finally fell in love with a Polish lady. Perhaps she was the best. I was in love with her style, her natural beauty, her intelligence, her wordly appeal, her hair and her sense of wonder. That lady, I met her offline, I met her in real life. However, I have since realised that offline dating and meeting ladies in real life situations is the worst way to meet someone. It’s not all about willy sinking, boobie sucks and raunchy nights of sex. Pleasure takes its toll when conflict arises.

Best Sex Dates in Poland

Best Sex Dates in Poland

There are many reasons for my opinion on why online dating has taken over. But the main ones are honesty, trust and openness. You see if you meet a lady online on a site like, you can check out their profile in advance. You can Google them. You can do the research to ensure that they are real and genuine. You can do all that detective research before you even decide to meet them. In my life, I met a lady who wasn’t real, wasn’t genuine, lied, couldn’t be trusted, was dishonest and very closed and shy. This should have been a warning sign for me that that person was a bad egg and would have severe consequences on my life’s cannon.

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Why Online Dating Has Replaced Face To Face Dating

Sadly that person ruined my life with her lies, and she did it in a way that you could not believe. As a result, I’m now online dating loyal. I prefer to meet girls online. It’s a great way to get to know each other online first before actually meeting. This builds trust, sincerity and honesty. I’m always looking for new sites in Poland to try out and I am still waiting for Mrs. Blair to dander around the chimney corner into my arms.

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