Adult Dating in Poland: Hit, Miss and Może Być (Might Be)

Poland sits proud and strong as the European Union country in which people ordinarily get married younger than the rest, for better or worse. While this is one of the great lesser known facts I shared about Poland, it also allows less life time for flirtation and raunchiness prior to the engagement and wedding. I have attended two Polish weddings so far (read about both my Trzcianka and Pomlewo experiences) and all four partners were younger than me. However, for those who are still unmarried, unengaged and totally single, what options are there? How is it to date in Poland? Here’s an overview on the hit, miss and może być (might be/maybe) of adult dating in Poland.

1.The casual dating lifestyle

This is perhaps the calmest and easiest option for adult daters in pretty Polska. Lining up dates is the easy part these days – many young single people are up for meeting someone they have never met before. The arranging could have started in many ways – you might have been set up by friends, perhaps you clicked ‘right’ on Tinder, or maybe just simply liked a post on Instagram and it turned into a new friendship and a dating experience. How long the dates last, where the dates happen, what the dates entail etc. is all down to you. You could try Speed Dating or one of these dating tips. But makes sure both parties agree to keeping it casual until anything materialises.

2.Sex dating

The ONS (One Night Stand) culture DOES exist in Poland and although I have met many people who indulged in such an activity, it is simply not for me. I don’t want it, or recommend it. You can ruin other people’s lives with it. Some people want long term commitment, others want regular dating, others want sex. Be very careful if you are looking for sex dating. Make sure the other person wants the same thing from you within the relationship or it could turn sour.

3.Submissive and dominant dating

This is when dominance takes over and things start to get serious. Normally one of the two sexes takes control of the other in what is often classed as Subs and Doms. However, please take care – there is also a high risk of getting caught so you must be safe. Never kiss or shag someone you really don’t know and always check their sexual parts and wear protection beforehand. Make sure you are aware of their real name, where they live etc. As a male, I have been physically abused and attacked before, with nowhere to turn to without any proof. The Subs and Doms tactic can also have similar connotations to the world of masochism and sadism, something I experienced personally when being spanked on the back by a sulty Ukrainian back in 2015…

Getting spanked in Lviv, Ukraine

4.Getting serious

Once you have established that your relationship is becoming stronger, it’s time to get serious. Hopefully for girls, you haven’t encountered a guy who has more feminine qualities, yes we mean sissy dating! Hopefully he is a bit more masculine and strong and will be able to take your relationship to the next level, ensuring you both have fun as mature adults. Have fun out there, but of course stay safe and good luck finding the love of your life…

That special person might be just around the corner for all you know.

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