City Escapes From Poland: Prague, Czech Republic

Being based in Poland makes it so so easy to travel abroad by train these days. From Warszawa Centralna station (the main international train station in the country), you can get direct trains to around 10 different countries now. There is even a daily train that goes all the way to Nice in France, passing through Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Monaco on the way. One of the coolest and easiest getaway cities for a weekend in Prague, the popular capital of the Czech Republic.

City Escapes From Poland: Prague, Czech Republic

City Escapes From Poland: Prague, Czech Republic

It makes a great city for a lads trip too – for example a stag party weekend, a boys trip, a football trip. Here are the main reasons why lads love a weekend getaway in Prague, Czech Republic.

1.The Nightlife – Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Think of lively pubs with hot waitresses, litre glasses of Czech beer and top notch DJs who keep the dancefloors busy all night. This is exactly what Prague nightlife is all about. Head to the area near the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge and be sure to check out the best bars and pubs to party the night away in. It’s not a city that closes down early either, bars stay open into the small hours of the morning.

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Lively bars to party in

2.The Girls – Sexy Slavic Charm

Czech girls have a sexy Slavic charm about them. These days not only do they look good, but they all learn a high level of English. This makes it easier to chat to Czech girls these days with a view to a potential new partner and romance. Make sure you are fully aware of the cultural differences though, and try to impress them with a few words of Czech language and you could be onto a winner.

3.The Old Town – Classic Streets

The streets of Prague’s Old Town make for a wonderful stroll. Admire the architecture, the astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall and Prague Cathedral. The main old town square is also a hive of activity and should be checked out. For a chill out afternoon, head for a beer in one of the many bars in the Old Town.

Famous clock in the old town, Prague

4.The Museums – with a Sexy Twist

As well as the art galleries, the national museum and the war museum, Prague offers a sexy alternative – the Sex Machines Museum. This is a museum featuring sexual items, toys and gadgets through the years with a shop where you can purchase such raunchy items to liven up your sex life. The girls working here are pretty hot too!

Sex Museum, Prague

5.The Football – Slavia Prague, Dukla Prague, Sparta Prague

The old Czechoslovakia won the European Championships in 1976, made famous by the penalty from Panenka in the penalty shoot out win v. West Germany. Then in 1996, the newly formed Czech Republic narrowly lost in the same tournament, having led 1-0 they ironically lost 2-1 to the also newly formed Unified Germany. While based in Prague, with the lads, head to watch one of the city’s famous three football teams. You are spoilt for choice with Slavia Prague, Dukla Prague and Sparta Prague all ply their trade in the top flight, and unless it’s a big derby match, tickets are easy to come by.

Watching Sparta Prague v Slovan Liberec

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