Dziwaczne Odkrycia: The Polish Micronation, the Empire of Leblandia

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: The Polish Micronation, the Empire of Leblandia

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: The Polish Micronation, the Empire of Leblandia

Yes, formed by Emperor Marcus Lebenciusz, welcome to the Polish micronation, the “wacaday republic” of the Empire of Leblandia. It’s a real country, they have their own money, their own government, they even have a website…and it borders Poland!

So where does this all fit into my travel plans? Where is Leblandia? Am I going to backpack this self confessed “wacaday republic”? Well I’d love to, so I got in touch with Marcus Lebenciusz, the Emperor himself, awaiting response now to see if I can backpack the key sights or not.

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: The Polish Micronation, the Empire of Leblandia

Greetings from the Empire of Leblandia!

From Marcus himself:

My name is Marcus Lebenciusz and I am Emperor of Leblandia.

The Empire of Leblandia is one of the most picturesque parts of the world in which one can hear an original hymn praising the greatness and beauty of nature. Leblandia has a varied relief and natural resources.

Leblandia is a sovereign, independent nation. Not a club, hobby group or RPG game. At this moment our country exists more as a culture, within the territory of Poland, as a state within a state.

We want to establish Diplomatic Relations with other countries, cooperate with them. And of course, after that, we will publish information about that on our Web Page.

Here is some information about Leblandia:

1. Popular Name: Leblandia

2. Three Letter Identifier: LBL

3. Official Name: Cesarstwo Leblandii

4. Capitol City: LebenCity

5. Original Name: Cesarstwo Leblandii

6. Name in English: The Empire of Leblandia

7. Nationality of Citizens: Leblandczyk, Leblandka (Polish)

8. Official Calendar: Gregorian

9. Official Language: Polish

10. National Day: March 26 (Sovereignty Day)

11. Motto: 

12. National Anthem: 

13. Origin of Name: Latinum

14. Measurement System: European

B. Social Data

1. Population: 1225 Citizens (2014 March 21)

Full URL: or
Email address: e-Mail
Head(s) of State: Emperor Marcus Lebenciusz the Great
Purpose & goal: statehood; landed sovereignty. To achieve full independence and recognition in the world community.
Type of government: Absolute monarchy, with bicameral advisory council (Original: Rada & Senat).

>>> More… (English Version)

Our Friends & Allies: (English Version)

Leblandia is a member of: SPUM, CoM, LoSS, Fifth World, Virtual Worlds WebRing, Micronational & Secessionist States Webring, OPPW and Leblandian Treaty. Empire of Leblandia would like to have better relations with other countries.

The main language in Leblandia is Polish language (so the majority of webpages are in Polish), but we have, of course, English version of our main pages.

Our webpage was founded on 26 march 2001. At the beginning we had only 2 pages. If you want to see them, please visit our Museum (in English: (English Version)

Nowadays we have about 900 html files and more then 1200 citizens. We are probably the biggest Polish micronation. Read more: .

The culture is very important for us.

We want our people to write poems, articles, listen to the music, discover the beauty of paintings… You can read Leblandian Poetry on the page of our Patronage of Literature:

About 12 years ago we have opened an Internet Gallery (please visit: (English Version).
Now, every member of the Internet community can watch the paintings of famous painters.

We have our small Leblandian Gallery
(, our
Theatre (
and our Philharmonic:
in which you can listen to the classical music.

We have 2 libraries and our own Publishing House “Emperor”.

In Leblandia we publish 2 newspapers:
– “Kurier Cesarski” – our official newspaper
– “Gargian” – about fashion, films and style.

Education is very important for us, too. We have our own University – The University of Leblandia:

Leblandii – Jeden Leben – local money

We have our own Military School:

and Leblandian Space Agency:
where we publish daily updated news from real astronomy world!
Nowadays we have diplomatic contacts with 33 world micronations. Leblandia has diplomatic relations with The Republic of Molossia, The Nautilus Free State, Kingdom of TorHavn, Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia, The Free Republic of Laputa, Free Community of Pasargada, The Holy Empire of Reunion, Kingdom of Babkha, Kingdom of Dreamland, Sultanat Al-Farun, WKRP, Sarmatia and others… And is recognized by these countries.
Foreign Affairs: (English Version)
On 23 nov. 2001 Empire of Leblandia and Sultanate of Al-Farun establish the first Polish military treaty – The Leblandian Treaty (Pact): .
Today this Pact is the biggest and the strongest Polish Pact, which consist of 8 Polish micronations (Leblandia, Al-Farun, Podland, Chanlandia, Aztec, Zarakata, NKP, Andreterra). The Empire of Leblandia is a member of other organizations: SPUM, CoM, LoSS, Fifth World, Webring Micronational & Secessionist States Webring, Webring Wirtual Worlds, OPPW and others. We cooperate with many micronations (especially in education and art).
Thank you very much for your time!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Marcus Lebenciusz
Emperor of Leblandia

Information about our friends and diplomatic policy: (English Version)

So that is an introduction into this self confessed independent nation within Poland. I hope I can bring further reports and maybe backpack it someday!

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