May 2017 Poll: Control My Destiny – Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Go Next?

“I don’t know where I’m going” – The Waves.

Who knows where I will end up in June 2017!! Vote to send me to…

Since this website’s inception in December 2016, I decided that each month for the first year until December 2017, I will allow my readers (YOU!!) to control my destiny in a vote. If you have seen my page on parts of Poland visited, you will know it is very bare – my dream is to visit every Province in Poland as well as Kashubia (done) two Polish Micronations (in progress) Warsaw (done), Antarctic Poland (done) and Bournemouthian Poland (done) by the end of 2017. Your votes count and this is the third vote of its kind, the May 2017 vote ends on 31st May 2017 and will decide where I end up in June. You decide what part of Poland I end up in next until I crack every Province and write about it with real fire pure passion and honesty!

In January I backpacked Biskupiec

January it was Biskupiec, inspired by a travel friend, then Poznan for my Polish radio interview debut.

In February I stayed in Warsaw

February I stayed put in Warsaw, concentrated on staying happy and healthy, went speed dating and toured some PRL pubs.

Arrival in March 2017 in Łodz, Poland

March was a case of heading to quirky Łódź so I could sleep on the longest street in Europe at the Music Hostel and also try the best cocktails in the world at Brush Barber Shop. I also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Warsaw with my Polish and Irish friends, you might have seen that on Facebook!

Piątkowe Picie: Celebrating Dzień Świętego Patryka, St. Patrick’s Day at Irlandzki Pub, Warsaw

April you voted to send me to the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, and despite my problems with depression, I am about to head to Rzeszow!
May you voted to send me to Kielce. I have done ZERO research so far but have 33 days to complete my mission! I will also be doing an indoor Sky Dive in Warsaw!

Flyspot tourist Kokoszkowy

Wind Tunnel in Warszawa!

Then I guess I will have 6 more Provinces to check out and 8 months left to crack them so I should be on course!!

So therefore, this May vote will dictate where I end up in June. I’m a well organised man even through times of depression and stress. I am confident and composed – I will do it despite liars, hackers and Guru Gods!

So here is the vote for June, this time I have made it obvious for a change, three cities with decent sized train and bus stations, rather than continue my wacaday plots to less ventured towns like Starogard Gdanski, Holy Lonely Pelplin and the Oasis inspired “Champagne Supernova Biskupiec”.

So this month it is either:
1.Dęblin, Lubelskie Province (a small town of 19,000 people, famous for military headquarters)
2.Białystok, Podlaskie Province (a city of 300,000 not far from Belarus!)
3.Częstochowa, Sląskie Province (I know nothing about it other than they have their own language!)

I hope the link below works, get voting!

Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Visit in June 2017?

Dęblin, Lubelskie
Białystok, Podlaskie
Częstochowa, Sląskie


Vote until 31st May 2017:

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6 thoughts on “May 2017 Poll: Control My Destiny – Where Should Jonny (NI Man in Poland) Go Next?

  • I’m actually quite curious if you’d like Częstochowa. You called Pelplin a Holy City because of its cathedral as far as I remember. In Częstochowa there is one that is the most important destination of pilgrimages in Poland associated with Holy Mary cult within Catholic Church. Every year thousands of people walk for up to several weeks to reach it. This is quite a pastime of some believers in Poland. So even though I’m not into religion, I voted for Częstochowa this time.

    • Hi Mateusz, thanks for your comment and vote. Yes I loved Holy Pelplin and felt inspired by my visit there after some nasty people had led me astray and lied to me in a country full of churches. Częstochowa sounds really interesting and weirdly is now leading the vote, so I might end up there! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Wow Jonny! I am so proud of your quest to visit all parts of Poland. I think you should visit Gdansk one day and write about my town. You did it for all your other friends, didn’t you? I could show you the best sights, cafes and bars of the city. I will even tell you the correct bus to take from Gdansk to Starogard Gdanski as I love to help friends, tourists and especially 150 country deep travel writers. Best wishes on your dream. Slavic Girl

    • Hi Slavic Girl, thanks for your comment and positivity! Yes I have been travelling for most of the last 14 years! And when I meet new people, friends on trips, in jobs, hostels, tours etc. I always keep touch with them and try and meet them, tour their cities and write about them. I love to hget your travel tips and sightseeing guide! Best wishes. Jonny

      • Hey, we’ve never met. I’m just a casual reader of your old site over the years, but I just wanted to make sure you are doing ok given the above comments.

        I’ve been living outside my home country too for the past eight years and have been traveling on and off during that time. We all meet people while traveling that we feel a connection to. Sometimes we misread things. While it can hurt and take time, things do get better. You just need to focus on what you love. In my personal experience, sometimes a change of scenery helps too.

        • Hi David, Thanks for the comment and for reading. Yes, sadly travel blogging ruined my life. It was the people I met and trusted through my stories and my real life travels. I was promised travel advice in Poland last year and it never came from a few “fake friends”. Rather than let it pass, it destroyed my life and my business so I have no qualms naming and shaming Karolina and Slavic Girl for their LIES. If anything, it helps warn others of these two people if they ever meet them o their journeys. I have waited 10 months for an apology. If an apology ever comes, of course I would probably forgive them and remove their negative comments from my story. On an even worse note, a fellow travel blogger stalked my Mum, one of my best friends and two of my travel contacts in an attempt to increase his own ego and popularity. I’ve blocked him for 8 months now and warned people of his behaviour. A self obsesses GuruGod who thinks he has solved the world’s problems. I have focused on the things I love all through this – football, bars, writing, honesty but it hasn’t helped. Depression will kill me, if not through suicide, a slow death. Best wishes and safe travels. Jonny

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