Five Cool Places I Have Slept in Poland

The range of hotels and hostels in Poland is growing and I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting places to stay. When I look back over the times I have spent in this country, I’ve stayed in an eclectic mix of places for sleeps and share five of the coolest ones today. I will hopefully be doing some more hotel and hostel reviews soon on my quest to visit EVERY UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland by 31st December 2018!

Five Cool Places I Have Slept in Poland

1.Overlooking a Football Stadium on an Island! Hotel Noclegi Rekord, Starogard Gdański
I loved my unique stay in the Hotel Noclegi Rekord in the town of Starogard Gdański. When I arranged to stay here, I had absolutely no idea it would be a hotel on an island. Even better over looking a football stadium – home of Klub Pilkarski Starogard Gdański.

My room at Noclegi Rekord

My view at Noclegi Rekord

On top of all that, the stadium is named after Polish hero Kazimierz Deyna. The hotel has a mini museum, fast Wi-Fi and a free breakfast. If my travel friend hadn’t lied to me so cruelly, I would never have found this place!!

Kazimierz Deyna Bar

Kazimierz Deyna Bar at Noclegi Rekord

Kazimierz Deyna’s Hotel – Noclegi Rekord

2.A Themed Hostel Where EVERY Room is Different. Oki Doki Hostel, Warszawa
The Oki Doki Hostel in Warszawa has countless rooms across three floors and each and every one of them is different. I stayed here for prolonged periods on my travels and was able to sleep in about 7 of the different themed rooms. Themes include newspapers, Santorini, football and cats!

Quirky Themed Rooms – Gazetka – Newspaper

Quirky Themed Rooms – Kot/Cat

3.A Posh Resort in the Kashubia Region, Hotel Kozi Grod, Pomlewo, Kashubia
When I got invited to my first Polish Wedding in 2016, I ended up in little Pomlewo. This was James and Joanna’s wedding and was a quite wonderful wedding and party. The room was exquisite and to make it even more quirky, the hotel in Pomlewo was in the Kashubia region, which has its own culture and language.

Wedding party – with Joanna and James at Pomlewo, Kashubia Region

Backpacking in Pomlewo, Kashubia

Hotel Review: My Wedding Stay at Hotel Kozi Grod, Pomlewo, Kashubia

Hotel Review: My Wedding Stay at Hotel Kozi Grod, Pomlewo, Kashubia

4.A Hotel with a Swimming Pool and a Brewery. Hotel Ren, Starogard Gdański
Also in Starogard Gdański sits the swanky Hotel Ren, which is actually linked to the wonderful Browar Kociewski. I visited this town quite a lot in 2016 – 2017, I had an ex-girlfriend, Monika from there and sometimes I stayed at her place, other times here. I still like the town and miss it, but will go back from time to time to watch the local football team. Starogard Hotel Ren has cosy rooms, a bowling alley, a spa, a swimming pool and an annual beer festival.

Enjoying the Spa at Hotel Ren

Hotel Review: My Stay in The Swanky Hotel Ren in Starogard Gdański

Also some photos from my nights out in Browar Kociewski which has great beer and Tatar.

Piątkowe Picie: Attending the 5 Festival Piwa at Browar Kociewski, Starogard Gdański

Piątkowe Picie: Browar Kociewski in Starogard Gdański

Piątkowe Picie: Browar Kociewski in Starogard Gdański

5.In a Holy Hotel in an Old Monastery. Hotel Nad Wierzycą, Pelplin, Kociewie
As I battled with depression in 2016, I headed to the Hill of Pope John Paul II in the holy town of Pelplin. It was here where I prayed for happiness and health. I stayed in the only hotel in Pelplin, the town, which is basically inside the monastery complex. It felt so religious and holy, I was moved and inspired.

My Pilgrimage to the hill of Pope Jan Pawel II in Holy Pelplin.

My Stay at the Hotel Nad Wierzycą, Only Hotel in Holy Pelplin, Kociewie

My next plans will be to try “Glamping” or Camping out, maybe for a festival and basically any other quirky place to sleep. I fancy going to Woodstock this year and will reveal plans for my next trips very soon, which may well include trips abroad too including Hawaii or Togo.

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