Hotel Review: My Stay at Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec

Hotel Review: My Stay at Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec

Hotel Review: My Stay at Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec

In January 2017, I decided to make the town of Biskupiec my first big adventure for this new website and travel blog. I was excited at the prospect of it and dedicated a full weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of Biskupiec, my first real trip after 7 months of depression (which I didn’t hide). As Biskupiec is a small town, and very untouristic, accommodation options are few and far between. I was buoyant as you can tell if you read my Top 25 sights in Biskupiec article. #returntoform

Travelling Northern Irishman takes his heart and soul to beautiful Biskupiec!

Travelling Northern Irishman takes his heart and soul to beautiful Biskupiec!

For this reason, and because Biskupiec is small and no hassle for a backpacker, I decided to spend Friday night in Stara Kaflarnia and Saturday night here in Hotel Atelier. Moving rooms and hotels for each night made sense to me as a travel writer, I could get a feel for different hospitality options the town has to offer. Well, basically the top two hotel options so I could review both hotels. You can read my other hotel review, for Stara Kaflarnia here.

Hotel Review: My Stay at Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec

Hotel Review: My Stay at Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec

Hotelik Atelier is within a 5 minute walk of the town square, Rynek and it is located on ulica Mickiewicza. It is the best luxury hotel option in the town and is known by locals as the place where any tourists or business people will stay when needing to spend a night or two here. I got checked into my room, I was on the first floor in room 103 with a nice view out to ulica Mickiewicza. So here are the reasons I loved my stay at the Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec.

On the way to Hotelik Atelier

1.Best Accommodation in Town
Without a doubt, and deserving the title “Biskupiec’s Best Hotel”, nowhere else can compete with Hotelik Atelier for its luxury and style. You can tell when you walk into the reception, and even from the hotel’s interior and exterior that this is the best option. Obviously it is dearer than the other accommodation options in town, but that’s for a reason.

Best Accommodation in Town - Hotelik Atelier

Best Accommodation in Town – Hotelik Atelier – I’m a bit tired, sorry!

If it is good enough for a 130 country deep travelling backpacker, it is good enough for you, so yes – please book it if you want some style in Biskupiec. And a good night’s sleep!

My lovely room at Hotel Atelier

2.Biskupiec’s Only Real “Café/Kawiarnia”
I asked my local friend to recommend for me a good coffee shop (café/kawiarnia) in Biskupiec and to my surprise, she told me the town doesn’t really have any cafes. This is basically true, however at Hotelik Atelier, they have a very cool cosy café, which is also a bar. This café has Wi-Fi and TV. Though because it’s part of the hotel, it cannot really be classed as a standalone café, though of course you don’t need to stay in the hotel to grab a coffee here! Decent coffee too, the best coffee in town.

Biskupiec’s Only Real “Café/Kawiarnia”

Biskupiec’s Only Real “Café/Kawiarnia”

3.Live Football in the Bar
As a football fan, Hotelik Atelier has a TV screen in the downstairs café and bar. This is the only real place in town that will show the English Premier League. I had some beer and paluski here while watching the Leicester City v. Chelsea match live on TV.

Watching football in the bar.

Bar menu

You can probably tell therefore, that the bar at Hotel Atelier is automatically one of my choices for best bars in town for my Piatkowe Picie (Thirsty Fridays) series.

Drinking beer, eating paluski, watching football.

4.Good breakfast
While Stara Kaflarnia was a nice place to stay, breakfast is not included in the price. Hotelik Atelier includes the breakfast which is a real bonus.

Breakfast in Hotel Atelier

This is with apple juice, a choice of tea and coffee and typical Polish style breakfast – eggs, ham, salad and good bread. There are also yoghurts.

Breakfast in Hotel Atelier

Breakfast in Hotel Atelier

5.Luxury Rooms
The best thing about Hotelik Atelier is for sure the rooms. They are cosy, neat, clean. I had a nice view, a good desk, a comfortable bed, the shower was nice.

My lovely room at Hotel Atelier

My lovely room at Hotel Atelier

My view at night

My view by day

6.Good Staff
I was well treated here, especially by Sylwia who provided me with my request for a late night coffee when the bar was closed. The staff were also very helpful when I asked to put the football on TV. Functions are also held here, and the dining room is exquisite.

Function Room

My stay at Hotel Atelier, Biskupiec

7.Room Service
I am not a posh backpacking twat that loves to order room service. Indeed, I had never even had room service until 2016 when I celebrated my 800th town in Vrindavan’s swanky Sarovar Hotel.

Coffee to my room

But again, room service was available here and I took advantage of it once to have a coffee to my room! I guess we all have lazy days and need a bit of luxury time in a hotel room.

A map of Warminie-Masuri in the hotel

A must these days for most business and backpacking travellers, so it goes without saying that a good Hotel nowadays needs good Wi-Fi. Thankfully, Hotelik Atelier has good Wi-Fi and I was able to blog from my room. I also had a desk here.

Working in Biskupiec

So for sure, Hotelik Atelier is the number one place to stay in Biskupiec, with the Stara Kaflarnia coming a close second. I enjoyed my stay but it was over in a flash.

Here are the details for booking your stay at Hotelik Atelier:
Hotelik Atelier
ulica Mickiewicza 31
woj. warmińsko-mazurskie
tel.: 0048 89 7155135
fax: 0048 89 7155125
[email protected]

Here is a video from my room, 103 in Hotelik Atelier, Biskupiec:

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