I’m Back – My First Live Trip For The New Blog: Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

My First Live Trip For The New Blog: Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship!

“Baby Come Back” – Player.

I’m Back – My First Live Trip For The New Blog: Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

It’s big news this time in my heart. I haven’t given up and killed myself like you all wanted, expected, or didn’t understand. I almost can’t believe I’m considering real life travel again. Better still, I’m doing it. After all, despite my trip back to Northern Ireland and England in October 2016, this (January) is my 7th consecutive month in Poland and this new website is merely 2 weeks old. It was born due to the lies of others causing my ongoing depression (which they never admitted or apologised for – horrible) and the need for me to give up my pride and joy in life to promote Poland with a true heart, none of your toilet entrance products. I sacrificed my love, my baby – http://dontstopliving.net/ – that was once my love. I hope that sacrifice alone proves how much I was hurt and depressed the last 7 months. I gave up my pride and joy – I was broken. I am broken.

Hello Gdańsk. Goodnight, Vienna.

Goodbye Baby Dont Stop Living bites the dust

Goodbye Baby – Don’t Stop Living bites the dust

The only way to carry on was to completely re-invent myself. I was inspired to start this blog by one person – Justin Egli. The reason is – Justin has one of the best REAL blogs on the internet as he knows his niche, an Ulsterman based in Japan and with a love for travel, anti-mundane and obscure. He flirts in between life in Japan and outrageous cultural experiences your Grandmother dreamt up over a few too many brandies. Justin writes passionately from his heart on Ikimasho. Check  it out. In many ways, he is the same type of guy as me – except he is doing his blog on Japan. I plumped for Poland, the obvious red and white flags of my native Northern Ireland and Poland matching well and I smiled when I launched it. For real, brothers and sisters. This ain’t no fairytale or pleasure cruise. This was pain and depression trying to find answers.

Polnocno Irlandczyk w Polsce- Northern Irishman in Poland

Polnocno Irlandczyk w Polsce

If any of you followed my journey in the last fourteen years, you will know one thing – I try and steer clear of the obvious haunts. At least in terms of writing and focus. OK yes, I visited Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk BUT I did this mostly because I met people from these towns on my journey, but I travelled to Bydgoszcz alone without any reason. I also toured Tczew, Szczecin and the quirky Starogard Gdanski because again I had met people from all three towns. Then, in 2016, I met someone from Biskupiec…

My First Live Trip For The New Blog: Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

My First Live Trip For The New Blog: Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

My journeys to those lesser known towns of Tczew and Starogard Gdanski were again inspired by friends I met from those places. I wanted to see their towns. So now the same is true of Biskupiec – http://www.biskupiec.pl/. I met someone from Biskupiec and promised I would visit their town someday. It’s a quiet, dreamy and small town in the Warmian Masurian Province, and now it feels the time is right to keep my promise. So I am backpacking it alone to Biskupiec. To find out more and when, you’ll have to keep tabs on my story – Facebook and Instagram will probably be your best bet.


Biskupiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – Are you ready for NIMIP?

My friend Michael and I tour Warszawa in 2005 with the #gawa

All I can say is I am happy to have this new website, to be alive, to be invited to speak on Polish radio in Poznan and working with lots of new companies in Poland. More to come on all of that. I have also been involved in one volunteer project with Angloville in Kuklowka and aiming to work with another company in Gdynia in the near future. As my Granny, Mary Blair always said:

“See you next time. If God spares us.”

I won’t even be lying to say I love it, this new adventure. For you, Granny…

Granny Mary and I, back in the day.

I hope you all enjoy my journeys from now inside Poland and to those I met from Biskupiec (and Poznan, and Wrocław), please know I am visiting your towns and villages for my love of travel, the inspiration you gave me and for no other reasons. I am not a horrible ass*ole or involved in any selfish acts of manipulation or mutilation. Get real, one day you will be mature enough to understand my passionate and my journeys and the sad fact that I have a real mental problem in my head which I fight day on day. #mentalhealthawareness

“Your destiny may keep you warm” – Noel Gallagher.

Here’s to those who bore us and made us what we are.

This post is dedicated to my family in Northern Ireland. All of you. And Rafal Kowalczyk. And maybe the three people who destroyed my last 7 months, inspired this website and told me lies. I forgave you, baby.

From Warszawa with love,



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