Magiczne Miasto: Touring The Historic UNESCO City of Toruń

“Open up the window and jump into the blue” – Ian Brodie.

Magiczne Miasto: Touring The Historic UNESCO City of Toruń

I’m not going to be over the top anymore. I’ve done my time as a travel writer that it bore myself into effortless droll. Anyone and their idiot’s backpack can whack out a “top 5 sights in a generic city” and get fake views, real sponsors and earn cash. That probably ruined it for me. When idiots claimed they were professional travel bloggers and writers. Bloggers and writers write from the heart using a pen and what they saw with they eyes, heard with their ears, smelt with their noses and felt with their hands. You can cow excrement me. BUT, you can take me to Toruń to write about it and I might have a sliver of interest left in me.

“Maybe” – Liam Gallagher.

Good Viewpoint of the UNESCO Town from my bedroom at the Green House Hostel

I could do a top 47 for Toruń as that’s what it was when I ticked the sights off on this map and added my own. I was hungry but I decided on a quick top 4 only for you today. Also make sure you stay at the Green Hostel in Toruń – it’s a great place in the heart of the UNESCO old town.

Touring Historic Toruń and Staying at the Green Hostel

“Eye of the tiger and the cream of the fight. Rising up to the challenge of our rivals” – Survivor.

1.Toruń Planetarium
One of the highlights for me was visiting Toruń Planetarium. After all this is the home of Nikolai Kopernikus. The magnificent centre is open for shows only – so check the times of the shows and book a ticket. I got a ticket for the afternoon show on the history of the universe. It was brilliant. The large spherical screen above took me on a journey to Mars, Jupiter and beyond, before landing me back on earth. As a bonus, I was able to listen to it in English as well as Polish.

Touring Historic Toruń – Planetarium!

2.Kopernikus Statue
If you are going to go all the way to Kopernikus’s city then you might as well visit his house and his statue. There are so many Kopernikus references here. Get a selfie at his statue and the job’s done. It’s in the main square, Stary Rynek.

Magiczne Miasto: Touring Historic Toruń and Staying at the Green Hostel

3.Wisła River
Take a walk past the beautiful Wisła River, have a beer and enjoy the magnificent views. This is Poland’s longest river and it passes through Toruń.

4.Leaning Tower of Toruń
You thought Pisa had it until you saw this one. Even better you can avoid flocks of tourists here at this tilted tower!

Leaning Tower of Toruń

What’s next for me?

Probably Russia for the World Cup and then I’ll be looking at more obscure and interesting travels outside of Poland later in the year. It’s still one of my travel dreams to try Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Kenya – Tanzania border, so maybe that will be on the horizon if I feel fit enough. Failing that, perhaps Nauru, Congo, Angola, Cameroon or who knows…I’ll keep you all updated once the World Cup is over.

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