Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Dating Ideas in Warsaw

You might have read how I first lived in Gdańsk when life took me to relocate to Poland. I have been almost exclusively single since splitting up with my longer term girlfriend Panny Yu in late 2015, and now I live in Europe and am lonely again, I look for love. Panny and I parted ways, and since then I have dated three ladies, who were all Polish. These girls have featured slightly before on here – Karolina, Monika and Ania, as you know I am very open and I am an honest blogger who has no issues sharing my honest and real stories on here, including other people’s dishonesty being exposed. But when dating these ladies, I needed to be inventive and creative, as just going down the bar or cafe can be boring, so here are my top 3 ideas for adult dating in Warsaw, rather than just using a free dating site. I have actually shared a few more ideas on these pages too, on my projects for Culture Trip:

1.Do A Pub Crawl In The Bars of Pawilony
Warsaw has a cool district known as Pawilony which is a series of cosy yet tiny little bars all with their own little niche! For example a Manhattan themed pub with the New York skyline in the background,

Pub crawl through Pawilony with your date

2.Watch Legia Warsaw Live
Head to the city’s Polish Army Stadium for a night at the football. I have written how to get tickets for Legia Warszawa. Poland is a passionate footballing nation and you can enjoy a pre match snack, some good old singing and bonding in the back row of this iconic stadium. And make sure you wear white, green and red – local colours of Legia Warszawa, winners of the Polish League 13 times.

Watching Legia Warsaw live

3.Dine out in Manekin Pancake Restaurant
Impress your date by heading to one of the most popular and busiest restaurants in Warsaw – Manekin which actually has two venues. Here you can enjoy the finest pancakes in the city, but beware – queues can be ridiculously huge so get in early, or simply put up with the wait for a table.

Dine out at Manekin Pancake Restaurant

FINALLY** Don’t forget about “Ask For Angela”
While dating is an extremely positive and enjoyable hobby, don’t forget about “Ask for Angela“, which is a campaign which started in England and has gained real momentum recently. Basically Lincolnshire County Council in the UK are raising awareness of those incidents when people have “bad dates” whereby you can escape unwanted situations by organising a taxi for you or your date for a quick getaway. Some dates go wrong, some people cannot be trusted, as I found out myself on my journey. Ask for Angela eliminates the risk of bad dates, verbal or sexual assault. As I was sexually, verbally and mentally assaulted on a date, I support the campaign whole-heartedly. This campaign is also on Facebook.

Ask For Angela campaign

Of course, free dating sites come with some risks, but just take precautions (unlike me) and you should be OK. For example, before the date or meeting, find out lots more details about the person you will date. Add them on social media – if they refuse, it seems suspicious. Ask for their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This way you can also prepare in advance and see who they really are. These days with social media accounts, it is hard to be false. This is a main reason why I am so open, so honest, so real. It’s a shame others couldn’t be the same. I was really lied to and made a fool of. I wish you all a much better dating experience!

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Safe dating!


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