November 2017 Poll: What Should Jonny Do in December 2017?

So the countdown begins. I have just two months left on my challenge to visit every Polish Province by the end of 2017 and I still have two to go! Here is this month’s Poll for November, which ends on 30th November 2017 and will dictate where I go in December 2017. Thanks to all your votes so far this year and good luck dictating my December destiny.

November 2017 Poll: What Should Jonny Do in December 2017?

Visit the Skull Chapel in Czermna
Visit the Castle in Gniew
Spend Christmas in Zakopane
Leave Poland for Christmas

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As ever – a shame on those who criticised my tourist travels and lied to me, when all I am trying to do is promote a great image of Poland to the world. Depression kills me deeply every day but I must rise above liars, losers and guruGods.

And a quick recap of the year so far:

I backpacked to Biskupiec
I reviewed a vegan restaurant in Warsaw

I watched Legia Warszawa
I appeared on live radio – International Radio Poznan
I was stalked by a wannabe GuruGod

Backpacked to Łodż
Returned to Krakow

Backpacked to Rzeszów and Kielce

I returned to Gdańsk and watched football in a Speedway Stadium
I attended Kazimierz Deyna’s 70th birthday match
I went Indoor Sky diving in Warsaw

I attended my second Polish wedding and made my Swiętokrzyskie debut
My mate Lee visited and we toured Majdanek German Death Camp

I celebrated a year living in Poland, surprised
I returned to Gorgeous Gdynia and secured a new writing contract
I attended the Blues Express Festival in Zakrzewo
I backpacked to Holy Częstochowa, home of the Black Madonna Church
I bared my willy on the Nudist Beach at Międzyzdroje

A quieter month though I backpacked Opole and Wrocław

You voted for me to leave Poland so I did, backpacking Malta and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
I returned to Kociewie – visiting Starogard Gdanski and Tczew again
I attended TWO beer festivals – one in Starogard and one in Warszawa
I also organised a Northern Irish evening at school

I visited Gliwice and Katowice
I also toured Wilczy Szaniec – Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair near Kętrzyn

We are in it. Get voting.
I aim to visit Zalipie this month thanks to your reader vote.

I’ll be playing in a charity football match in Poznań
I’ll be visited my final two Polish provinces

A new year and a new start. Just don’t lie to your nice tourist and travel friend. Promise me.

#depressioncontinues #honestman #donttelllies

Jonny Blair’s Where I’ve Been Map in Poland (by province)

Full List that I will go by – Polish Provinces, Voivodeships (18/20)
1. Dolnośląskie – Lower Silesia
2. Kaszuby – Kashubian Region
3. Kujawsko-pomorskie – Kuyavian Pomeranian

4. Lubelskie – Lublin
. Lubuskie – Lubusz
6. Łódzkie
 – Łódz
7. Małopolskie – Smaller/Lesser/Lower Poland
8. Mazowieckie – Masovia
9. Opolskie – Opole
10. Podkarpackie – Podkarpackie
11. Podlaskie – Podlaskie
12. Polish Antarctica
13. Polish Micronations
14. Pomorskie – Pomerania
15. Sląskie – Silesia
16. Swiętokrzyskie – świętokrzyskie
17. Warmińsko-mazurskie – Warmian-Masurian
18. Warszawa – Warsaw
19. Wielkopolskie – Greater Poland 
20. Zachodniopomorskie – West Pomerania

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2 thoughts on “November 2017 Poll: What Should Jonny Do in December 2017?

  • I hope depression will go away from your beatiful soul 🙁 lol says the one whom visited depression again 🙂 Wish you more sun in your life ❤️❤️❤️☀️☀️☀️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Marina, thanks so much for your lovely heartfelt message and I wish you all the best to beat this horrible illness. It is really really tough and only this website, my writing and my friends help me through it. Be very careful who you meet and trust in your life. I trusted people too easily and expected all friends to be the same. I was wrong and I have had 18 months of suicidal thoughts now but I must battle on. I still pray to God every day that the person responsible will one day know it and apologise. Best wishes. Jonny

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